Student Research Travel - FAQ

How do I receive my funds?

Your funding is part of your financial aid package. If you do not have a balance with the Cashier’s office you may receive your funds as a check. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance with any questions.

When will I receive my funds?

Applications are reviewed on a rollilng basis. The Arts & Sciences Dean's Office will notify you by email of the decision and scholarships will be processed through the Office of Student Financial Assistance (SFA). It can take between 1-3 weeks more, depending on the time of year and level of activity in SFA, before your funds are available in your student account. Please plan accordingly for up to a total of 3 months between application submission and notification/receipt of funds in your student account.

Where do I bring my receipts after my travel?

We no longer require receipts. You should receive an email after your trip asking you to confirm (1) that you traveled to your destination and completed all of the stated tasks/goals in your application and (2) that the total you received from this scholarship and other funding sources did not exceed the total trip costs. If you received more than your trip costs, you are required to return the excess by contacting

When will I know if I have received the scholarship?

Applications are reviewed every 4-6 weeks. If a student applies multiple months in advance of their trip, it may take longer for a decision to be made, especially if the conference organizers have not yet accepted the students presentation at time of application. You may apply before receiving an acceptance and we will reach out to you later for confirmation. If you have questions regarding the status of your applicaiton, please email

When does the academic year start?

The academic year begins with the Fall semester.

I am traveling with a group. Is there anything special to consider?

Whenever possible groups traveling together should try to share hotels rooms, transportation, etc. to reduce costs. Faculty are encouraged to contact the dean's office by email ( to discuss large group travel ahead of the application process.