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Faculty Enhancement Program

The objective of the Faculty Enhancement Program is to increase the numbers and proportion of faculty members in the College of Arts & Sciences conducting research, scholarship, and creative activities, particularly those garnering extramural funding and external recognition, consistent with our Vision 2025 goals.


Internal & Extramural Funding

Internal research funding opportunities include the Faculty Enhancement Program and the Faculty Development Awards and University Small Research Grants administered by the Office of Research Development.

Assistance with identifying and obtaining extramural funding can be found on the Office of Research Development. Faculty members considering applying for large equipment or program project grants are strongly encouraged to discuss these proposals with their department head and with the Associate Dean for Research well in advance of the deadline.

Contact Laura Hohenbary, grant specialist and assistant to associate dean for research, for assistance in searching for funding.

Laura Hohenbary


 Laura Hohenbary
 College of Arts and Sciences - Kansas State University
 009A Calvin Hall - Manhattan, KS
 laura8@ksu.edu - 785-532-0351 or 785-532-6900



Research Centers & Institutes
University Research Resources

The Office of Research Development promotes and facilitates the research, education, and outreach missions of Kansas State University by supporting and administering all activities involving externally sponsored programs. Services that they provide include:

  • Conducting workshops and training events
  • Listing funding opportunities
  • Assisting in proposal development and budget preparation
  • Submitting proposals
  • Assisting with research compliance issues
  • Supporting and managing the Faculty Development Awards and University Small Research Grants programs

K-State Libraries provides a variety of services to support the research of faculty and students.


Johnson Cancer Research Center

The fight starts here! From nanoparticles and stem cells to antioxidants and drug discovery, Kansas State University faculty are conducting the basic and translational cancer research that leads to improved prevention, diagnostics and treatments, as well as training future scientists.


Student Research Travel Program

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any major in the College of Arts and Sciences are invited to apply for travel funding. The program supports students who want to attend conferences or other professional venues to present their research activities conducted with faculty members in the college. Students also may apply for funding to travel to conduct their research or to learn research techniques.

The undergraduate projects can — but do not have to be — supported by the college's undergraduate research program. The program may cover airfare, state vehicle rental, hotel, ground transportation and conference registration fees.

Learn more about how to apply.

Undergraduate Research Program

Work closely with a faculty member to hone your research interests and make a contribution to the field. Then network with researchers at conferences to present your findings. Your hard work will help you stand out when searching for a career or applying to graduate or professional school.

Undergraduate students enrolled in any major in the College of Arts and Sciences are invited to apply for research awards to conduct projects with faculty members in the college. Projects will be one summer or one semester in length.

Learn more.

Research Spotlight: K-State Juvenile Justice Collaborative

The K-State Juvenile Justice Collaborative, or K-State JJC, has been awarded $521,805 by the Kansas Department of Corrections and the Kansas Advisory Group to work with local communities in developing support systems for youth and families.  

The goal of the project, titled "Our Town, Our Kids," is to prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system and to provide services that maximize their chances of leading productive, successful lives.