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Tips for Estimating Travel Expenses


If you will be driving to your destination, or to the airport, you will want to keep track of your mileage. All miles traveled in a personal vehicle (both directions) will be calculated at 54 cents per mile. Estimate this amount and include it in your request for funding.

Per Diem

A per diem amount, which will cover your meals, will be calculated depending on your destination per day. This averages $ 46.00 -$61.00 per day. Estimate this amount and include it in your request for funding. The listing of locations can be found in the K-State Policies and Procedures Manual.

A few cities are calculated at $71 per day (see next section)

Special High Cost Geographic Areas

  • Washington D.C., including the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church, the counties of Arlington, Fairfax and Loudon in Virginia, and the counties of Montgomery and Prince Georges in Maryland
  • New York, New York (all locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties)

Items to Include

Include estimates for airfare, hotel, ground transportation, registration fees and any other travel related expenses not including meals. Upon your return receipts will be required for these items.

Maximum awards amounts are $800 for undergraduate and graduate students.

If other students are traveling to the same conference, we encourage you to carpool or share a hotel room to save expenses. In many cases, an award will not completely cover your costs.

Downloadable tips sheet (pdf)