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Student Research Travel

Work closely with a faculty member to hone your research interests and make a contribution to the field. Then network with researchers at conferences to present your findings. Your hard work will help you stand out when searching for a career or applying to graduate or professional school.

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any major or degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences are invited to apply for travel funding. The program supports students who want to attend conferences or other professional venues to present their research activities or independent creative work conducted under the advisement of faculty members in the college. Students also may apply for funding to travel to conduct their research or to learn research techniques.  Travel awards will not be provided for conference attendance without presentation of research or creative work.

The undergraduate projects can — but do not have to be — supported by the college's undergraduate research program. Travel awards may cover airfare, state vehicle rental, hotel, per diem, ground transportation and conference registration fees. An estimated travel budget must be submitted with the application. 

If your trip would cost less to fly than drive to on the basis of the state mileage rate, you must justify the need to drive.  For example, you will need a car on the site of a research trip to conduct the research.  Otherwise, you will not be reimbursed more than the cost of economy airfare to your destination.  This is based on State of Kansas travel rules for faculty, staff, and students.

A maximum of $800 is available for undergraduate and graduate student travel awards, which will be made as scholarship awards through the office of student financial assistance. One conference or trip will be supported per student per academic (fall, spring, summer) year.  Students who apply two months, or more, before their travel may receive $800, students who apply a month before will may receive $400, and students who apply less than a month before their travel scholarship are not eligible for funding.

How To Apply

To apply, download & complete this form (pdf), save a copy, and email it to artsciugo@k-state.edu. Your faculty mentor will need to provide an email to artsciugo@k-state.edu, stating their endorsement of this trip and a concise justification of how the trip meets the above criteria. Simply attending a conference or a study-abroad class is NOT an acceptable use of these funds. Students must present or engage in research, independent creative work, or actively participate in training to learn new research or creative techniques.

Application for travel awards currently are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Apply more than two calendar months in advance to receive the maximum award. You will be notified within one month if your trip will be funded.  Your scholarship will be processed approximately one month before your trip.

Receipts must be submitted within two weeks upon your return, and any shortfalls up to the maximum award amount will be issued as a supplemental award. Excess funds must be returned.  Please submit your receipts to 116 Cardwell Hall or email to artsciugo@k-state.edu



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