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College of Arts and Sciences

Awards and Contests

We are very proud of the amazing things happening in the College of Arts and Sciences. Below is a list of awards and honors received by our alumni, faculty and students, as well as our college and departments. 

We also encourage our students to continue to pursue excellence by entering various contests held on campus. We will present contests and relevant details below.



Alumni AwardsAlumni

Awards and recognition for alumni and friends of the College of Arts and Sciences at K-State who have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievement.

Faculty AwardsFaculty

Some of the best faculty in the nation call the College of Arts and Sciences at K-State home.

Student AwardsStudent

Our students are doing amazing things and many have received awards, honors and recognition from K-State, nationally and internationally. 


Sullivan Poetry Award

A poetry contest open to all students at K-State. The winning poem will be awarded $2,000.