Applying to Graduate

Three Steps to Follow

  1. Review your curriculum with your advisor.
    Make sure your academic plans meet the necessary degree requirements.
  2. Request a Grad Check.

    E-mail a Grad Check Request to from your K-State e-mail address after you have completed 85 credit hours.

    * Include your Wildcat ID #, your name, your major, your Degree (BA, BS, or BFA), your Focus (Sub-Plan / Track), your K-State e-mail address, and your expected Graduation Date (May 20__, Aug 20__, or Dec 20__)

    * If you are a JMC major, your Grad Check will be completed by JMC, you can reach them via e-mail at or in Kedzie 105

    * If you are graduating this semester, you DO NOT need a grad check, just go to Step 3 and apply to graduate

  3. Apply for Graduation.

    Step by step instructions can be found at the following link:

    * Fill in the department, course number, class title & any information needed to find an Incomplete from a previous semester or from transfer work that is in progress at other institutions


  • Fall Graduates. Complete an application within the first four weeks of the Fall semester.
  • Spring Graduates. Complete an application within the first four weeks of the Spring semester.
  • Summer Graduates. There is no Summer Commencement. If you plan to participate in Spring Commencement, you must complete the application within the first four weeks of the Spring semester. Summer graduates not participating in Spring Commencement can apply for graduation within the first two weeks of Summer semester.

After You Apply

Once you apply for graduation, additional information such as the time and location of the ceremony and cap and gown rental will be mailed to you midway through the semester. More information about this is available from the Registrar's Office. Their website includes information that will help you prepare for participation in the ceremony.

If you are not approved for graduation, you will be informed of the deficiency as swiftly as possible. However, you can mostly avoid surprises by regularly consulting with your advisor, getting your Graduation Check done at 85 hours AND personally paying close attention to your curriculum ahead of time. Take responsibility for your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of my college?
Arts and Sciences.

What is the name of my degree?
Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS). You need four semesters of a foreign language to complete the Bachelor of Arts. More quantitative and natural science credit is required for the Bachelor of Science.

What is my major?
This is where you identify History or Life Science Interdisciplinary or Theatre, et cetera.

What about my minor?
If you have completed a minor, you will need to complete its paperwork in the appropriate department. Minors do not appear on your diploma, but they do appear on your transcript.

Where do I send my transfer transcript?
Have that information sent to the Office of Admissions and NOT the College of Arts and Sciences.