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College of Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Student Ambassadors

The purpose of the College of Arts & Sciences Student Ambassador program is to promote pride in and develop awareness of our college among prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public.

ArtSci Ambassadors are a group of dedicated undergraduate students who volunteer their time and talents at special events including: Discover K-State Days, Admitted Wildcat Days, the Eisenhower Circle Celebration, faculty events, commencement, K-State Open House and much more!

How to apply:

The application process begins early in the spring semester each year. The application to apply will be available on the Ambassadors OrgSync page.

Current Officers


sydName: Sydni Huxman
Office: President, President Committee Chair

MartaName: Marta Stetsiv
Major(s): Medical Biochemistry, Pre-Med
Office: Vice President, Diversity Summit Chair

RamonaName: Ramona Weber
Major(s): Life Science, Pre-PA
Office: Social Chair


KaitlynName: Jared Newell
Major(s): Biology, Pre-Vet
Office: Communications & Marketing Chair


LeahName: Seth Peery
Major(s): Medical Biochemistry
Year: Junior
Office: Alumni Chair

JoyceName: Willow Willingham
Major(s): Psychology, Biology, Pre-Med
Year: Junior
Office: Secretary

Name: Marcy AndersonSydni
Office: Membership Chair
LakithName: Lakith Ranaweera
Major(s): Life Sciences, Pre-optometry
Office: Treasurer
KelseyName: Kelsey Hoines
Office: Treasurer
Name: Jaden JefferyKelsey
Life Sciences, Gerontology
Office: Open House Chair

Current Team

Name: Abbey ReinhardPayton
 Life Science, Spanish, Pre-Nursing

AshtonName: Ashton Hess
Geography, History


Name: Elijah GardnerRiley
Biology, Pre-OT


EmmaName: Emma Pettay
Major(s): Biology

EthanName: Ethan Powell
Major(s): History, Political Science


EvanName: Evan Hallum
Major(s): Economics, Mathematics


Hailey BName: Hailey Briones
Major(s): Graphic Design


Haley RName: Haley Reinhard
Major(s): Anthropology


JessicaName: Jessica Richards
Major(s): Mathematics, Statistics


JamesName: James Houghton
Major(s): Biochemistry, Biology, Pre-Medicine


MeganName: Megan Malm
Major(s): Communication Studies


SydneyName: Sydney Markley
Major(s): Life Sciences, Pre-Med


JackName: Jack Nolte
Major(s): Life Sciences, Pre-Med

NickName: Nick Nordstom
Major(s): Biology


BaileeName: Bailee Norton
Major(s): Biology


JessecaName: Jesseca Pirkle
Major(s): Biology

MollyName: Molly Pratt
Major(s): History


AkaraName: Akara Regimand
Major(s): Communication Studies


HaleyName: Haley Reinhard
Major(s): Anthropology


AshlynName: Ashlyn Ries
Major(s): Mass Communications


TannerName: Tanner Robl
Major(s): Biochemistry


MarcoName: Marco Saucedo
Major(s): Philosophy, Political Science, Pre-Law

CJName: CJ Smith
Major(s): Psychological Sciences

CarlieName: Carlie Stenzel
Major(s): Anthropology

MartaName: Marta Stetsiv
Major(s): Biochemistry

VictorName: Victor Valdez-Herrera
Major(s): Economics

RamonaName: Ramona Weber
Major(s): Life Sciences