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College of Arts and Sciences

Graduation Deadlines and Timelines

Prepare for graduation

Graduate's next to last semester

Graduation checks should be done the semester before graduating, NOT the semester you graduate. Grad checks are done to ensure you will meet all requirements so you can graduate at the time you desire.

Students may request a graduation check by putting in a formal request to the Arts & Sciences Dean's Office in 107 Calvin Hall. Journalism and Mass Communications students will need to go to Kedzie Hall 105 to request a grad check.

Grad checks generally take up to two weeks to complete. It would be best to have your graduation check before you enroll for your final semester.

Hopefully you have regularly discussed your DARS report with your advisor each semester. DARS is your official document for degree audits. Your remaining requirements will be listed on DARS as those with a red "NO" listed on the left side of the section titles, and a "NEEDS" in the subgroups. Also, review the Common Problems section below.

Once you have enrolled for your last semester, make sure that no requirement on the DARS report has the words "NO". If you do see a red "NO", contact your advisor immediately.

NOTE: DARS is not always immediately updated, so changes in your enrollment may take a few days to show up on DARS.

Graduate's final semester

1) Apply for graduation in KSIS - Students apply for graduation the semester they will complete all degree requirements. All degree requirements completed and in-progress that term must be met for consideration as a candidate for graduation. The steps to apply for graduation can be found here: http://www.k-state.edu/ksis/help/students/stuGraduationApply.html. It is fairly simple and only takes a few minutes. Students can submit their submit their application after the first week of each semester and will want to submit it as soon as possible in order to ensure their application is approved and that their name appears in the graduation ceremony program. It also enables me to make sure you have met all of your requirements for your degree.

2) Check your DARS - All sections should be OK or IP. Sections should not have a "NO, -, or NEEDS" listed on the left side of the sections headings. Your DARS report is the official document for degree audits, so if your DARS report has a requirement with a "NO" and/or a negative sign (-), or a "NEEDS", check with your advisor to make sure it will not hinder you from graduating!

3) Be sure to let your family know the time and place of graduation. You can find the date, time and location at the top of this page. Parking and guest accommodations can be found in the Commencement Instructions link below.

4) Please make sure you have completed or made up any required courses. Check your DARS. Make sure you talk to your Instructors about any “incompletes”. If there is to be a grade change, be sure it has been done before you leave campus. Many Professors leave on vacation as soon as classes are over so it’s very difficult to get in touch with them. If you see a "NC" or “I” on your DARS report, check with your advisor immediately to make sure it will not hinder graduation.

5) Check your email - Once you submit your graduation application in KSIS, you will receive an immediate notification that your graduation application was successfully submitted. You will then be added to our email list which will include information regarding commencement apparel (cap, gown, etc.) information. The union bookstore holds a Graduation Fair twice a year: mid to late October in Fall and late February to early March in Spring. Watch for the ad in the Collegian. You can order everything (invitations, thank-you notes, ring and cap and gown) through the bookstore.

Once your Graduation Application has been reviewed, you will receive an e-mail later in the semester notifying you know that your application has been approved or that degree requirements have not been met. Those requirements will be outlined. A final e–mail concerning your graduation status will be sent to you two-three weeks after final grades are posted. 

6) Confirm remaining transfers - If you are taking a class at another school and will have the grade transferred, the grade must be in the Admissions office by the deadline. Click on Commencement Instructions below and find "VI. Degree Requirements" to find the deadline date.

7) Update your contact info - Please keep your personal contact information updated on KSIS (home/permanent address and telephone number) so K-State can mail your diploma and any other important information after you leave campus.

Common Problems

1) A "NO" is located by the UGE or K-State 8 section title. Check with your advisor about the requirement you need to complete.

2) A "NO" is located by the 45 Hours of 300 Level or Above section title. It is a requirement for students in the College of Arts & Sciences to complete at least 45 hours of classes at the 300 level or higher. If you see a "NO" by this section, contact your advisor immediately.

3) Transfer course credits are missing on DARS. If the transfer credits are not listed somewhere on DARS, the Admissions office does not have your latest transcripts. Contact your previous college and request copies of your transcripts with the latest credits earned be sent directly to the K-State Admissions Office. Occasionally mistakes can be made when entering a course into DARS, so email the Registrar's Office records@k-state.edu if you think transcripts have been sent.

4) Your DARS does not list the latest requirements for the curriculum being followed by you and your advisor. If you and/or your advisor feel that your DARS report does not reflect the plan you are following, contact the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office in 107 Calvin Hall and ask for an updated program plan. The Dean's Office must update your DARS "Catalog Year". The catalog year is found in the upper right corner of your DARS.

5) You and your advisor believe something is not properly recorded on your DARS. Bring a copy of your DARS report to the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office in 107 Calvin Hall. Our staff will be able to help if something was not updated, or if you still have an incomplete requirement.

Degree Audit (Grad Check)

The semester prior to a student's last semester, a Degree Audit (Grad Check) must be performed by the Dean's Office, except for Journalism and Mass Communications students, who will need to go to Kedzie 105 and request a grad check. This is necessary to ensure you will meet all requirements so you can graduate at the time you desire. The office will only provide one audit.

Students can come to 107 Calvin Hall or email artsci@k-state.edu to request a grad check. JMC students should go to 105 Kedzie Hall to request a grad check.

Ultimately, students are responsible for their plans, goals, and accomplishments, especially fulfilling all the requirements of the curriculum in which they are enrolled.

The K-State Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is used to monitor students' progress towards completing their degree requirements, and to determine if and when a student has satisfied all requirements to graduate.