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Life Science

Life Science is an interdisciplinary major that explores living organisms and life processes.  Interdisciplinary majors offered by the College of Arts and Sciences provide interesting options for those who have not chosen a specialized major. They offer opportunities to create individual fields of emphasis for students who wish to pursue multidisciplinary solutions to today's complex problems. This major in particular serves those interested in a pre-health field well as it requires many of the most common pre-requisite courses for health professional school. Close cooperation between students and advisors is STRONGLY recommended to design programs to meet individual needs, interests, career goals and requirements of the major.

Program Requirements

You must meet the Basic Requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences to obtain an interdisciplinary degree. 

BIOL 198Principles of Biology4
BIOL 201 or BIOL 341/342 or KIN 360Organismic Biology, Human Body, Anatomy and Physiology5/8/8
CHM 350 & 351
Intro. Organic & Biol. Chemistry 
General Organic Chemistry & Lab
BIOL 455Microbiology4
ANTH 280Physical Anthropology & Lab 

Psychology course with a prerequisite3
STAT 3253
Major electives**14

** The 14 elective hours must be at or above the 300 level and they must be selected from two or more of the following fields: biochemistry, biology, microbiology, organic chemistry, physical anthropology, and psychology. A minimum of 15 hours in the major must be taken at KSU. Any restrictions placed on transfer work by departments for their majors will apply to the life science degree. To obtain a life science degree a student must earn at least a 2.0 GPA in the required science courses, including transfer work.

The life science degree is not available to students who will earn a degree in biochemistry, biology, and microbiology.

See curriculum guides below for more details:

BA Curriculum Guide
BS Curriculum Guide 


To make an advising appointment, call (785) 532-6904 or visit 107 Calvin Hall.