Interdisciplinary Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences offers several interdisciplinary programs that provide opportunities to study multiple disciplines rather than the narrower focus required by a major in a single discipline. An interdisciplinary major allows students to focus on various interest areas and get a holistic academic experience while gaining skills that today’s employers seek.

Why Interdisciplinary

What employers are saying

Keith Westervelt, owner for Blueville Nurseries, has hired several K-State A&S interdisciplinary alums and had this to say about them “They are great with multitasking, have strong interpersonal skills, understand teamwork and have great leadership skills. I look for and value this type of career readiness that students gain from their college experience.”

What interdisciplinary alums are doing

While many alums utilize their interdisciplinary programs as jumping off points for graduate school, many go straight into the work force. Here is a small sampling of the job types and employers where our interdisciplinary alums have landed:


Interdisciplinary majors

Digital Innovation in Media

The Digital Innovation in Media major trains students in entrepreneurship, computing and media. Gain greater digital savvy, business acumen and collaboration competencies while earning a bachelor's with built-in credentials and certificates.

Environmental Science

The Environmental Science major teaches students to understand the Earth as an integrated system. Students gain impactful hands-on experiences through course work, research, and internships that include laboratory, computer-based, and field methods.


Humanities is a multidisciplinary major that deals with human thought and culture.

Integrated Computer Science

The Integrated Computer Science degree combines real-world programming skills with an individualized concentration in each students’ area of interest.

Integrated Health Studies

Integrated Health Studies is a secondary major that enables students to understand not only the scientific foundations of health, but the social, cultural, and ethical dimensions as well.

Life Science

Life Science is a multidisciplinary major involving the study of living organisms and life processes.

Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science degree prepares students to work in hospital and similar settings running labs and other diagnostic tests

Physical Science

Physical Science is an interdisciplinary major that deals with nonliving matter.

Social Science

Social Science is a branch of learning that examines society’s institutions—their structures, theoretical foundations, evolution, and interrelationships—and how they affect and are affected by human behavior.