Interdisciplinary studies

The College of Arts and Sciences offers six interdisciplinary majors that provide opportunities to study multiple disciplines rather than the narrower focus required by a major in a single discipline.

Environmental Science

The Environmental Science major teaches students to understand the Earth as an integrated system and appreciate how humans and social systems shape our environment.


Humanities is a multidisciplinary major that deals with human thought and culture.

Integrated Computer Science

The Integrated Computer Science degree combines real-world programming skills with an individualized concentration in each students’ area of interest.

Life Science

Life Science is an multidisciplinary major that deals with studies of living organisms and life processes.

Physical Science

Physical Science is an interdisciplinary major that deals with nonliving matter.

Social Science

Social Science is a branch of learning that examines society’s institutions—their structures, theoretical foundations, evolution, and interrelationships—and how they affect and are affected by human behavior.