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College of Arts and Sciences

Advising Resources

Add Academic Programs

University Honors Program

What you need to know

ACT/SAT Equivalency
Academic Advising Syllabus
Academic Reinstatement Policy
Academic Warning and Dismissal Policy
Advisor Responsibilities

Basic Arts & Sciences Requirements (pdf)
Course Schedule
English Language Program credit toward degree requirement
K-State First - First Year Student Program
Majors, Minors, Secondary Majors & Certificates w/ Curriculum Guides
Student Responsibilities

Transfer Equivalency
Typical First-Year Courses
Undergraduate Catalog

How to

Access academic history
Apply for a graduation check 6-9 months before graduating
Apply to graduate
Calculate GPA
Calculate credits needed to raise your GPA
Enroll in KSIS
Read a DARS report
Use the course schedule
Use the undergraduate catalog (pdf)

If you need help

AAC - Academic Assistance Center
ACIC - Academic and Career Information Center
CARE - Center for Advocacy, Response and Education
CES - Career Employment Services
Counseling Services
KSIS help for students and advisors
Lafene Health Center
LGBT Resource Center
Office of Student Financial Assistance
Office of Student Life - one stop for campus referrals
Powercat Financial Counseling
Student Access Center
Study Abroad

Writing Center


Forms and Worksheets

All forms and worksheets are PDF files.


Course scheduling worksheet
Long range planning worksheet

Academic Forgiveness Application
Academic Fresh Start Application
Backdated Withdrawal
Blue Form - Academic Advisor Recommendation
Dual Degree Worksheet - BA
Dual Degree Worksheet - BS
A&S Disclose Educational Records
Reinstatement Application
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form (Under "Appeal Forms" heading)
Veteran Information Form 
Validation of Credit Form
Weekly Time Planner