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Primary Texts Certificate

Redbud Foundation Provides Unique Opportunity for Primary Texts Students

Starting in the Fall of 2008, the Primary Texts program made a core course, DAS 300: The Great Conversation, a requirement for graduation with the certificate. Students should take the course preferably near the beginning of their course work, in their Freshman or Sophomore year, but it can be taken at any point in the program. Primary Texts students will be guaranteed a spot, but other students may also enroll until the class is full. This course is multidisciplinary and team-taught by some of the best professors at K-State, from fields such as English, History, Physics, and Political Science.

A copy of the DAS 300 syllabus can be found here.

The purpose of this course is to help students get more out of primary texts in various disciplines. They will be guided through short representative texts by  scholars who know these texts very well. Emphasis will be on developing the students' ability to think analytically and critically to formulate their own point of view. The course is underwritten by Glenn and Claire Swogger's Redbud Foundation.

Please contact Dr. Johnson for additional information about this course. You may also ask to join the Primary Texts listserv for updates. Please email Dr. Johnson at lauriej@ksu.edu.