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Primary Texts Certificate

Prof. Laurie M. Johnson
Director, Primary Texts Certificate
c/o Department of Political Science
214 Calvin Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Scholarships and Research

The Primary Texts Program encourages students to get involved with research in their undergraduate studies. Here are a few opportunities available:

Swogger Scholarship 

Swogger Primary Texts Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship has been established in honor of Dr. Glenn and Mrs. Claire Swogger, whose Redbud Foundation is a major supporter of K-State’s Primary Texts Certificate. The Swoggers’ commitment to primary texts education at K-State has made possible the program’s core course “DAS 300: Primary Texts Core Course” and many other benefits, including the possibility of promoting the primary texts idea to other institutions of higher education. The purpose of this scholarship is to promote undergraduate research using primary texts and to facilitate travel to take courses or do primary texts-related research. In either case the program will help students with the goal of presenting and potentially publishing related work as appropriate.

To apply for this scholarship, a student must be enrolled in the Primary Texts Certificate program. Students who obtain the scholarship will either 1) develop a written work they have already undertaken for potential presentation or publication under the supervision of Dr. Johnson. The revision should entail a significant use of primary texts (Students who do not have a paper already composed can still apply by submitting a proposal for a paper they would like to write), or 2) apply for and receive acceptance for an educational experience such as Oxford Study Abroad in which they will be studying primary texts.

As a part of their application, students seeking the first option should submit the paper they wish to develop, a cover letter discussing their project or travel plans. For option 1, they should include a proposed deadline for completing the paper, and any ideas they have for publication/presentation. Students seeking the option 2 should show that they have been accepted for a suitable study abroad opportunity (or that they have arranged travel to do research for a paper). All applicants should submit an academic transcript and a resume.

Subsequent development of a paper will take place under the guidance of the program director within the confines of one semester. Receiving academic credit for the development of the paper is an option. Scholarship papers can be subsequently used to fulfill the capstone requirement for the program. Students seeking a scholarship specifically for academic travel either to develop or present research should contact Dr. Johnson before applying, to discuss specifics and make sure the travel matches the scholarship's intent: lauriej@ksu.edu<mailto:lauriej@ksu.edu>.

Application Deadline: Submit all materials by April 30, 2018 either in person or by emailing Dr. Johnson at the above address.

Dr. Glenn Swogger received his B.A., which featured core courses using primary texts in the sciences, history, social sciences, humanities and philosophy, from the University of Chicago in 1954, just before he turned 18. After that, he spent a year in UC’s Committee of Human Development. He then entered medical school at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, graduating, and also marrying Claire (now deceased), in 1960. He served his residency at Bronx Municipal/Albert Einstein Hospital, and began private practice in 1971. His career culminated with the Directorship of the Menninger Center for Applied Behavioral Sciences in Topeka. He retired from this position in 1993. Claire was well known for her love of art, and particularly for her excellent photographic work. Glenn Swogger is part owner of Kaw Valley State Banks. The Swoggers founded the Redbud Foundation. Glenn continues to serve in the capacity of Chairman of the Board of the banking business started by his father during the Great Depression.

Undergraduate Research Awards

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry offers $1,000 Research and Travel Awards. The awards are open to students of all majors. Questions should be directed by email to our@ksu.edu or by phone to 785-532-5864. Apply at www.k-state.edu/undergradresearch 

Other department-specific research opportunities are listed at http://www.k-state.edu/undergradresearch/opportunities/

The College of Arts and Sciences also offers research awards. These awards are awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in any major in the College of Arts and Sciences are invited to apply for research awards to conduct projects with faculty members in the college. Faculty members from departments outside the college may serve as co-mentors on projects but the primary mentor must have a faculty appointment in an A&S department. Projects will be one summer or one semester in length.  Students selected for research awards will receive a scholarship award of $1,000. This award will be applied to the student’s financial aid package.The information on how to apply can be found at: https://artsci.kstate.edu/research/undergraduate/application.html.

Undergraduate Journals

Agora: Journal for Undergraduate Scholarly Papers 

Crossing Borders: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship


The Undergraduate Journals and Conferences Directory: https://wordpress.mercyhurst.edu/upd/

The Council on Undergraduate Research: http://www.cur.org/

Northern Illinois University: https://www.niutoday.info/2017/12/11/undergraduates-now-have-their-own-journal-for-political-issues-and-its-based-at-niu/