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Primary Texts Certificate

Prof. Laurie M. Johnson
Director, Primary Texts Certificate
c/o Department of Political Science
214 Calvin Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Live Ideas Journal


Live Ideas is the open-access, peer-reviewed undergraduate journal of Kansas State University’s Primary Texts Certificate program. It is co-produced by students and faculty at K-State and is published online quarterly (Oct. 1, Dec. 1, Feb. 15, Apr. 15). Our reason for founding and organizing Live Ideas was that we wanted to create a credible academic source that focuses on publishing the work of undergraduate students. 

The mission is to provide a platform from which undergraduates can express their original ideas or add to the conversations of existing ideas in creative, unbounded, and meaningful ways. However, a journal will not be influential unless it is read. In the age of social media, blog posts, and “fake news,” we strove to create a place where academic content and ideas could be brought forth and presented in an accessible and engaging format. To do so, we decided to break away from the traditional journal format by providing a new and exciting journal that published multiple forms of content, from the traditional essay, to poetry and artwork, to short films and photo essays. 

The journal seeks works that are especially engaging, as is reflected in our author guidelines. Submissions should be alive in the full sense of the word. Check out the journal's website here!