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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences to host ArtSci Student Forum on Fees

By Tom Roesler
Communications & Events Coordinator

The College of Arts & Sciences is hosting its first-ever ArtSci Student Forum on Fees, Wednesday, January 27 from 4-5 p.m. in 114 Willard Hall. This is the latest effort from the college to educate and inform students impacted by the college Instructional Improvement Fee. This event is an opportunity for students in the college to learn more about the proposed increase and ask questions.

“We have shared our annual reports with our SGA representatives as well as our faculty and staff, and posted information online, but now we want to share this in a new forum and to hear feedback from students,” said Peter Dorhout, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.

In fall 2013, the College of Arts & Sciences introduced an eight dollar per credit hour fee for its courses. In its first two years of implementation, fee dollars have supported expenditures on technology, scholarships, graduate teaching assistant training and increased academic advising support.

“We know students can often feel that they send their check to K-State without knowing what their money is being used for,” said Beth Montelone, Associate Dean for Research for the College of Arts & Sciences. “We want to change that and let students know how the money they spend for classes in our college is being spent and how it’s improving their learning experience.”

Along with the Student Forum on Fees, the College of Arts & Sciences has recently developed a page on its website dedicated specifically to the A&S Instructional fee. The page includes a short video detailing the breakdown of how the money is used, as well as background on why the fund was initiated. Information about projected future allocations, and stories about important outcomes of college and departmental expenditures of fee funds are also included.

"As students, we know firsthand how expensive a university education is, and every dollar that we spend is an investment in our future,” said Lauren Johannes, senior in political science. “It is comforting to know that the student fee we pay is not just being thrown into a black hole. I applaud the College of Arts & Sciences for openly communicating with its students in making this information available for us.”

To view the College of Arts & Sciences webpage dedicated to its student fee, visit artsci.k-state.edu/about/studentfee.