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Student Fee

The College of Arts and Sciences instructional improvement fee helps to enhance student experience and improves student success in the college. by This fee covers the cost of classroom supplies and equipment, funding research and travel awards for undergraduates, supplementing graduate student instructor salaries and supporting professionally-trained advisors.

Thank you to all of the students who are investing in themselves and future K-State students with this fee. This small fee has had a big impact and continues to make a difference in the educational experience of all students in the College of Arts and Sciences at Kansas State University.

Due to inflation, the current $17.40/credit hour fee no longer covers the cost of instructional supplies and salaries necessary to maximize student success. Therefore, we are proposing to raise the fee to $25/credit hour starting in Fall 2022. This would add $114 to your cost of attendance/semester, assuming you are enrolled for 15 credit hours.

What are the new student course fees designed to help cover?

1. Instructional supplies and equipment to support successful learning, including:
  • The printing of exams, quizzes, handouts, undergraduate theses, posters and scripts and associated copier rental paper and toner,
  • The purchase of scantrons and notecards,
  • Bringing to campus outside speakers for classes with relevant, real-world knowledge pertaining to the class subject,
  • Calculators for exams,
  • Computers and software licenses including Adobe creative suites, SPSS, GIS, Sona, etc.,
  • Photography supplies including both still and video cameras,
  • Art supplies,
  • Laboratory supplies including safety equipment and lab coats,
  • Cadavers (both human and animal for dissection) and other anatomy supplies,
  • Field trips,
  • Drawing boards and markers,
  • Writing center supplies and help,
  • Journal and newspaper subscriptions,
  • Swipe cards,
  • Musical instrument purchase and repairs,
  • Reed-making supplies,
  • Orchestra, jazz, concert, vocal, choral, dance, and theatre travel,
  • Stage supplies, safety equipment, and theatrical make-up and costumes.

In other words, much of what you need to help make you more successful in the classroom.

2. Additional advisor support 
  • Consistent advising from a professional advisor to help you make the correct class choices and to help you achieve your career dreams.
3. GTA support
  • Salary support to hire outstanding GTA's to lead discussion sections, recitations, help rooms, and laboratories.
4. Undergraduate research and scholarly activity support
  • To help students engage in meaningful undergraduate research and other scholarly activities.
5. Undergraduate and graduate travel support
  • For student to attend and present the results of their research, scholarly, creative activities and designs at conferences
  • For touring groups including choral musical, theatre, debate, forensics, etc. 

Projected allocation for the 2020-2021 fiscal year

Student Fee

Success Stories

Review the FY 2018-2019 report (ppt), which shows the impact of the student fee throughout the college.

Student Research Travel Scholarships

Undergraduate Research Scholarships


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