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Student Fee

In fall 2013, the College of Arts & Sciences introduced an $8 per credit hour fee for its courses. The fee, dubbed the instructional improvement fee, helps enhance student experience in the college by covering everything from classroom supplies and equipment, to remodeling laboratories and studios, to funding research and travel awards for undergraduates.

Thank you to all the students who are investing in themselves and future K-State students with this fee. As you can see, the small fee has had a big impact and continues to make a difference in the educational experience of all students in the College of Arts & Sciences and at Kansas State University.

Projected allocation for the 2015-2016 fiscal year

Student Fee

A Brief History

With decreasing funds from 2008-2011, in order to balance their budgets, departments in the College of Arts & Sciences were giving back their operating expenses for the basics of classroom instruction, such as copying, blue books, dry erase markers, etc.

Administrators were not the only ones to notice the impact. Many students in the college began to express the need for something to be done.

In order to find a solution, college administrators and a faculty committee started looking at how to structure a student fee that supported classroom instruction beginning in fall 2011. Each department in the College of Arts & Sciences was asked to identify and estimate its annual needs for consumable supplies and replacements for instructional technology and equipment. As the scope of the overall need began to emerge, administrators in the college worked with student leadership on finding a way to institute a fee.

"It was an interactive process,” said Peter Dorhout, college dean. “Many students in the college were strong advocates of implementing a fee because it increased their education and research opportunities.”

The $8 per credit hour student fee was implemented in fall 2013 and has generated millions of dollars that have provided research and travel scholarships, facility renovations, lab and classroom equipment upgrades, and additional advising resources, along with departmental operating expenses.

As funding continues to decline, the importance of the student fee grows and the impact is expanding with each new school year.

Success Stories

Review the FY 2014-2015 report (ppt), which shows the impact of the student fee throughout the college, from the arts to the sciences, including the purchase of cutting edge technology and helping the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance become the first All-Steinway School in the state of Kansas.


Student Research Travel Scholarships

Undergraduate Research Scholarships


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