About the Nationally Competitive Scholarship Office

I am the campus coordinator for those prestigious scholarships that require candidates to be nominated by the University. My office advises K-State students as they seek to identify and compete for scholarships and other academic prizes that are nationally and internationally competitive.

Jim Hohenbary 
Assistant Dean 
112 Eisenhower Hall 
(785) 532-6904

Although my office is located within the College of Arts and Sciences, my charge and goal is to assist students in all KSU Colleges. Here are some of the things I do:

  • I research and provide information regarding various scholarships.
  • I talk with students regarding their plans.  Clarifying goals is an essential aspect of scholarship candidacy . . . I do like talking with students during the Freshman Year if they are interested in scholarships in the future.
  • I work with students and faculty to match individuals with suitable opportunities.  
  • I coordinate the selection process at the campus level when necessary.
  • I take a central role in helping students as they compete.  I assist with: 
    • Advice and feedback regarding paper applications.  They often include some form of resume or list of accomplishments. Many require an essay or personal statement.
    • Advice regarding scholarship interviews.  I organize mock interviews when appropriate.
    • Referral to other members of the K-State community who might have relevant expertise.   Many of these individuals offer indispensible assistance to scholarship seekers.
    • Numerous details that vary from scholarship to scholarship: photographs, University endorsement, resources regarding schools in the United Kingdom, etc.

Please look around the rest of the Scholarship Office website. Many students feel they gain considerably from competing. K-State students have also been very competitve for many of these awards. I hope you will come see me if you have questions or if would just like to talk about your options. I look forward to working with you.