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Open Option

Open Option Advisors


If you think you would benefit from a flexible, academically safe way to explore majors at K-State, consider the Open Option program.


Open Option Advising
How to Declare Open Option
  • If your current major is within the College of Arts & Sciences, you will need to complete a change of major form in Eisenhower 113. 
  • If you are currently in a program outside the College of Arts & Sciences and wish to declare Open Option, fill out a change of major form at the college where you are currently enrolled and then bring that paperwork to Eisenhower 113.

Keep in mind that several other colleges at K-State also have general programs. For example, if you're leaving Animal Science but know your other choices are still related to Agriculture, you might change into the General Agriculture program rather than Open Option.

How to Leave Open Option 
  • You cannot graduate from the Open Option program.
  • You must meet certain requirements to declare most majors. Those requirements vary considerably. Please consult with your advisor, the program in question and/or the catalog regarding specific details.
  • Go to Eisenhower 113 and fill out the change of major form. If you're staying in the College of Arts & Sciences, that's all you do. If you're leaving Arts & Sciences, you fill out the form in Eisenhower 113 and then deliver it to your destination college.
  • You will want to make an appointment to see your new advisor after the form has been completed. 
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