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Student Research Travel Scholarships - FAQs

How do I receive my funds?

Your funding is part of your financial aid package. If you do not have a balance with the Cashier’s office you may receive your funds as a check. Please contact financial aid with any questions.


When will I received my funds?

Your funds will be sent to Financial Aid approximately 30 days before travel.


Where do I bring my receipts after my travel?

Please bring your receipts to Cardwell 116, which is the Physics Department office within 2 weeks of your return.


How much will my scholarship be?

If your application is accepted you will receive funds based on the date of your application. If you applied 2 calendar months before your travel date your maximum is $600.00. If you applied 1 calendar month before travel your maximum is $400.00. Applications received less than 1 calendar month in advance of travel will not be accepted.


When will I know if I have received the scholarship?

Applications take a month to review. You should receive notice approximately one month after your application date.  


When does the academic year start?

The academic year begins with the Fall semester.


I am traveling with a group. Is there anything special to consider?

Whenever possible groups traveling together should try to share hotels rooms, transportation, etc to reduce costs.


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