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College of Arts and Sciences

Diversity in the College

The College of Arts and Sciences offers programing, scholarships and resources for students and faculty in order to foster, encourage and promote diversity. Led by our diversity committee, we take great care in helping all students thrive while in the college and to build a foundation as they prepare to enter the professional world. History of the committee.

Mission & Goals
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Recommendations for Action from the College of Arts and Sciences Diversity Committee: Download Document 

The Diversity Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences calls the K-State community at large to action in addressing the increased demonstrations of intolerance observed at K-State over the past year.

Working Definition of Diversity

We understand diversity as including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture, religion, mental and physical ability, age, socio-economic status, citizenship status and immigration status.

Understanding of Diversity

The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to foster diversity in a commitment to recruit, retain and resource peoples historically under-represented in university education in the United States. Fostering diversity goes beyond increasing the numbers of under-represented students, faculty and staff. It also includes a commitment to substantial curricular offerings, resources, and programming that foregrounds the knowledges, perspectives, cultures, and histories of marginalized communities. A truly diverse college culture and structure will benefit all members of the university community to better serve and excel in an increasingly global and multicultural world.

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1stThe Teaching & Learning Center compiled eight videos of K-State faculty, staff and administrators who are 1st Gen themselves and captured their advice and experience. These are wonderfully helpful resources for students and faculty who are first generation students or will be working with some who are. Click to view.