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Pre-Health Advising

Academic advising is particularly important for pre-health students because they have unique advising needs.

Each professional school has its own requirements, which can change frequently. Application to professional health programs and schools is very competitive. Our advisors help keep students aware of the courses and other requirements necessary to make them competitive applicants.

What we do

  • Help with long-range planning specific to each student's choice of health profession and particular academic needs. Since long-range planning cannot be done during the pre-enrollment periods, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor at another times for this type planning.

  • Assist in developing a "Plan B" or alternate degree/career option. All student interested in a health career are encouraged to develop an alternate career plan. K-State consistently produces students whose applications are as competitive as those of students from any school in the country. Competition for seats in professional schools however is very intense. Some excellent students who are well qualified may not be accepted simply because the supply of students far exceeds the number of seats available in the professional school. Realistic students have a back-up plan. Many students re-apply a second or third time and are eventually successful in being admitted to a professional program. During the reapplication period the "Plan B" can be implemented.

  • Assist with the application process. Health Professions Advisors help students build outstanding resumes by keeping them apprised of what professional schools consider most important in an application. This includes advising applicants about competitive grade point averages (GPA) and competitive entrance exam scores, observation and experience requirements, and leadership activities that will enhance their applications.

How to make an appointment

  • Plan ahead. We schedule our appointments in advance to advise you more efficiently. We are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
  • Generally, you can call for an appointment on any weekday if times are available. 
  • Call (785) 532-6904 or stop by 107 Calvin Hall to make an appointment.

Health Professions Advising Checklist