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Open Option

Open Option Advisors

Pictured above: Open Option advisors
(Left to right, starting at top) Nancy Habluetzel, Angelia Perry, Elli Hager, Tami Duch, and Twambi Kerstetter 


K-State offers more than 240 majors, minors, secondary majors and programs. Open Option exists to help you find your ideal academic destination and the best way to get there. If you think you would benefit from a flexible, academically safe way to explore majors at K-State, consider the Open Option program. 

Open Option is a great choice if you:

  • Have more than one idea for a potential major.
  • Wonder what career possibilities exist for a major.
  • Want a supportive relationship with an advisor who can help you navigate a path that leads to an exciting career.

Current advisees may schedule an appointment by clicking here.

Who is your advisor?

Be sure to check your KSIS account for information about which advisor is assigned to you. We look forward to meeting you!

Elizabeth (Elli) Hager

Elli HagerElli earned a bachelor of science degree in Secondary Education for Mathematics from Kansas State University before completing a master's degree in College Student Development, also from K-State. Before joining the Open Option team in 2018, she worked with the LGBT Resource Center, the Office of Student Life, and the K-State ID Center.

Email: ellihager@ksu.edu
Phone: 532-6904
Office: 107 Calvin Hall

Angelia Perry

Angelia PerryAngelia earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees from Kansas State University in English and Creative writing. She and her husband have four children and eight grandsons. In 2009, Angelia was recognized as one of the best advisors on campus when she was selected to receive the Distinguished Presidential Undergraduate Advising Award.

Email: angelia@k-state.edu
Phone: 532-6904
Office: 107 Calvin Hall

Tami Duch

Tami DuchTami earned her undergraduate degree in Social Work from Missouri State University before going on to complete her M.S. in College Student Development from Kansas State University.

Tami, her husband and two grown children enjoy gardening, traveling, hiking and camping. Tami also loves to cheer on those K-State Wildcats!

Email: tduch@k-state.edu
Phone: 532-6904
Office: 107 Calvin Hall

Nancy Habluetzel

Nancy HabluetzelNancy began advising students in 2000 and earned her degree from Kansas State University in Interdisciplinary Social Science. Nancy has three daughters and two son-in-laws. In addition to her role as advisor, Nancy is the athletic certification officer for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Email: nhablue@k-state.edu
Phone: 532-6904
Office: 107 Calvin Hall

How to make an appointment

  • Plan ahead. We schedule our appointments in advance to advise you more efficiently. We are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Schedule your appointment online at https://k-state.campus.eab.com/.
  • If you are not currently assigned to an Open Option Advisor, call (785) 532-6904 or stop by Calvin 107 to make your appointment.
  • Please plan ahead during pre-enrollment time as appointment times fill quickly.


Preparing for your appointment

Here are some tips to help you get the most from our meeting.

  • Please come prepared by thinking about your academic plans. Identify some class choices from the current Course Schedule and Undergraduate Catalog. Bring a list of possible choices to discuss and make note of any questions you might have.
  • Gather any information that you know you'll need for making decisions. Do you need to talk with an instructor? Parents? Financial Assistance? If you know it will help to have that information before talking with us, make your appointments accordingly.
  • During pre-enrollment, students will have an advising hold placed on their account by the university. The hold cannot be removed by e-mail or phone calls. The university believes it is important for students to meet with their advisors in person.
  • After your advising appointment, and your hold is removed, you enroll on KSIS by seniority (as determined by your cumulative credit hours). Your enrollment date is listed on your KSIS Student Center. You cannot enroll before that date but you may enroll any time after that date.
  • If you choose to enroll in a course for which "Instructor Permission" is required, the instructor needs to give you electronic permission in KSIS. Once permission is granted, you will then need to add the course on KSIS.
  • Check out our Advising Resources page for course planning tools like a printable schedule-planning grid and long-range planning worksheet.


How to Declare Open Option
  • If your current major is within the College of Arts & Sciences, you will need to complete a change of major form in Calvin 107. 
  • If you are currently in a program outside the College of Arts & Sciences and wish to declare Open Option, fill out a change of major form at the college where you are currently enrolled and then bring that paperwork to Calvin 107.

Keep in mind that several other colleges at K-State also have general programs. For example, if you're leaving Animal Science but know your other choices are still related to Agriculture, you might change into the General Agriculture program rather than Open Option.

How to Leave Open Option 
  • You cannot graduate from the Open Option program.
  • You must meet certain requirements to declare most majors. Those requirements vary considerably. Please consult with your advisor, the program in question and/or the catalog regarding specific details.
  • Go to Calvin 107 and fill out the change of major form. If you're staying in the College of Arts & Sciences, that's all you do. If you're leaving Arts & Sciences, you fill out the form in Calvin 107 and then deliver it to your destination college.
  • You will want to make an appointment to see your new advisor after the form has been completed. 
Exploring Majors - Decision Making Tools