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College of Arts and Sciences

Lab Safety 

A strong, active College Environmental Health & Safety Committee is instrumental in promoting a culture of safety among colleges and departments.The Safety Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences is formed according to the Policy and Procedure Manuals (Chapter 3740).

The committee is responsible for the following:

  • developing and communicating a clear vision for the College's safety program
  • establishing broad safety goals for departments to attain, and
  • evaluating the College's progress toward meeting those goals.

Meetings are held monthly, September-April.

Reports are given annually to the University-wide Safety Committee.

Members of the committee are appointed by the Dean.

Current Committee Members

Christopher Culbertson, Professor, Chemistry (Associate Dean for Research)

Carolyn Ferguson, Professor, Biology

Om Prakash, Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics

Jason Scuilla, Professor, Art

Matthew Berg, Associate Professor, Physics

Joel Spencer, Associate Professor, Geology 

Benjamin McCloskey, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages

Tingting Liu, Laboratory Administrator, Chemistry

David Manning, Research Assistant, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics