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Primary Texts Certificate

Certificate in the Study of the Arts and Sciences Through Primary Texts

This program of study provides students with an opportunity to take part in a conversation with some of the best thinkers humankind has produced. The study of primary texts, including great books in areas such as philosophy, politics, literature and the sciences encourages critical thinking. Such study provides a grounding in what it means to be human which immeasurably enhances a person's experience of daily life. In addition, there is a growing acknowledgment among employers in business and the professions that the type of training this certificate provides develops lifelong learners who can more easily adapt to rapid changes in the economy, as well as future leaders. This program also gives students who want to pursue graduate education early experience in grappling with original works of theory and literature such as they will inevitably encounter in graduate school. Read more about our mission and goals.


The certificate is an 18 hour program of study which students can tailor to their interests and needs. DAS 300: The Great Conversation--Primary Texts Core Course is specifically required. It is recommended that you take the core course as early as you can in your program of study. At least nine hours must be at the 400 level or above. Selected courses must cover at least two academic disciplines.* Transfer courses that can be documented to have substantial primary text content may be accepted for the program, but at least half of the courses must be completed at Kansas State. A capstone paper must be submitted at or near the end of the 18 hours. In order to receive the certificate, students must have a minimum 2.75 GPA in the program at the time they graduate.

Students can count certificate courses towards the fulfillment of other College of Arts and Sciences requirements. Certificate courses that also happen to be a part of a student's major or minor can be counted for fulfillment of the requirements of both the certificate and the major or minor. The Certificate can also be earned independently of a degree program.