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College of Arts and Sciences

Geography professor receives NSF Rapid Response Research Grant

Bimal Paul, Kansas State University professor of Geography in the College of Arts & Sciences, recently received a Rapid Response Research Grant from National Science Foundation.

The $49,000 grant will allow Paul to visit Nepal in December in order to examine the response of various agencies to the earthquake experienced there in April 2015.

"After each major disaster, many public agencies, humanitarian organizations, and others involved in emergency relief operations to reduce sufferings of survivors and enhance their recovery process," Paul said. "This study aims at investigating how well government and nongovernmental organizations (GOs and NGOs) performed emergency relief operations in Nepal after the country struck by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, 2015."

Paul’s core areas of geographic research are in human-environment interactions, population and health geographies, geospatial analysis and application. Courses he’s taught at K-State include World Regional Geography, Quantitative Methods in Geography and Geography of Natural Hazards. He is also the director of the South Asian Center of Kansas State University and served as Editor of Geographical Review.