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College of Arts & Sciences Notable Alumni

The College of Arts & Sciences graduates more than 1,500 students each year, all of whom are equipped to make a difference in the world.

Over time, our grads have carved out amazing careers in fields ranging from e-commerce to opera. Here's a look at just some ArtSci alumni who have made noteworthy marks in their professions.

Business, government, military

  • John Bilbrey (Psychology), President and chief executive officer, Hershey Co.
  • Milton Eisenhower (JMC), Ninth president of K-State and Dwight's brother
  • Paul Fisher (General Sciences), president of Fisher Pens, creator of the Space Pen
  • Marlin Fitzwater (JMC), the only press secretary to serve two U.S. presidents, Ronald Reagan and George Bush
  • Margaret Grosh (Sociology), senior economist at World Bank
  • Jim Haymaker (Economics), VP of Strategy and business development (retired), Cargill
  • John Hofmeister (Political Science), former president of Shell Oil Company and current CEO and founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy
  • Gen. Richard Myers (Air Force ROTC), former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking military official in the nation
  • Bill Porter (Physics), founder and chairman emeritus of E-Trade
  • Pat Roberts (JMC), U.S. Senator from Kansas
  • Joseph Searles III (Social Science), first African-American floor broker and floor member, New York Stock Exchange
  • Pete Souza (JMC), chief White House photographer for two U.S. presidents, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama
  • Gerald Wexler (JMC), influential producer at Atlantic Records, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987


  • Kirstie Alley (English), Emmy-winning actress
  • Velina Houston (JMC), award-winning playwright and author
  • Tim Izo Orindgreff (JMC), band member of The Black Eyed Peas
  • Samuel Ramey (Music), basso cantante with the New York City Opera
  • Eric Stonestreet (Sociology), Emmy-winning star of "Modern Family" on ABC


  • Thomas Barnett (Social Science), NFL
  • Henry Bryant (Social Science), NFL
  • Josh Buhl (Psychology), NFL
  • Dyshod Carter (Social Science), NFL
  • Andre Coleman (Sociology), NFL
  • Eric Everly (Art), NFL
  • Shalee Lehning (JMC), WNBA
  • Jordy Nelson (Social Science), NFL
  • Terence Newman (Social Science), NFL
  • Nicole Ohlde (Social Science), WNBA
  • Darren Sproles (Social Science), NFL
  • Bobby Walker (Social Science), NFL
  • Kendra Wecker (JMC), WNBA