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ArtSci Wallpaper

All images contained on this page are trademarked by Kansas State University. Third-parties may not use any of these graphics without the expressed permission of K-State. Individuals are encouraged to utilize these desktop wallpapers for personal use only. However, these images are not allowed to be altered in any way under any circumstances.

For desktop downloads, right-click on the resolution that best matches your desktop resolution and in the subsequent pop-up box, select the “Download Linked File As…” or “Save Link As…” option. Then save the file to your hard drive. Likewise, you may left-click on any of the resolution options and in the next window, drag and drop the image onto your desktop, if your browser supports that feature. For mobile devices, click on the button that best matches the make of your mobile device, then on the next screen, tap and hold onto the image until the save option appears. Save to your camera roll.

Computer graphic 




Phone graphic






Tablet graphic






Facebook logo




          Cover photo

Twitter logo




      Header photo