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College of Arts and Sciences

Anderson Senior Awards

Each year the K-State Alumni Association awards four Anderson Senior Awards to graduating seniors from across campus, and the College of Arts & Sciences is well represented in the history of this award. These awards annually recognize seniors for leadership, service, inspiration and academics. 

"We are excited to honor these individuals for what they have achieved at K-State," said Amanda Brookover, assistant director of student programs for the Alumni Association. "These winners were chosen from a group of exceptional candidates. We appreciate the efforts of the K-State faculty, staff and students and Alumni Association board of directors who nominated and selected these individuals for this outstanding recognition."

Last year, one of the four students selected for the Anderson Awards was from the College of Arts & Sciences:

Anderson Senior Award for Outstanding Service
Jonathan Bernard, biology, South Hutchinson, Kan.


For a complete list of award recipients, visit the K-State Alumni Associations website

Previous ArtSci students selected for this award

Academics - Graciela Orozco, bachelor’s graduate in biology and biological systems engineering, Kanopolis, Kan.

Academics - Maureen Orth, English, Prairie Village, Kan.

Inspiration - Chris Littrell, Political Science

Academics - Jithma Abeykoon, Biochemistry

Academics - Nicole Wayant, Mathematics & Geography
Inspiration - Chelsey Fritch, Humanities
Service - Katie Whitney, Anthropology

Academics - Sarah Devlin, Biochemistry

Academics - Lydia Roberts, Chemical Sciences & Biochemistry
Inspiration - Thuy-Kieu Nguyen, Fine Arts
Leadership - Joshua York, History & Political Science
Service - Joshua Ault, Microbiology

Service - Adam Cowan, Sociology

Academics - Ethan Baughman, Biology

Academics - Sarah Jane Meyer, Kinesiology
Leadership - Peter Carter, Biology

Academics - Elizabeth Richardson, Biology
Inspiration - Micah Hawkinson, English & History
Service - Kari Krier, Political Science

Inspiration - Holly Dankenbring, Social Work
Leadership - Rebecca Wirth, Social Work
Service - Elisé Lambert, Social Work & American Ethnic Studies

Service - Ben Stone, Life Sciences

Academics - Jace Kohlmeier, Mathematics

Academics - Amanda Rodriguez, Art
Inspiration - Jawwad Abdulhaqq, Political Science
Leadership - Aaron Otto, Political Science
Service - Beth McCarthy, Social Work