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College of Arts and Sciences

Exploratory Links

These are sites we've found to help you identify and learn about your options and work through the subsequent decision-making process.

K-State Resources

The Academic and Career Information Center

ACIC helps you discover the range of careers available, what those careers involve, how they fit with your values and aptitudes, and what training you need to get there. They also have information on what majors and minors K-State has to offer.

Career and Employment Services

CES shows you what jobs are really out there and what employers currently want. They can also help you locate internships & other types of experiential learning that can crystallize your choice of majors!

K-State Academic Departments

Browse through the websites of your major candidates. You can learn about their programs and maybe uncover trails to even more good information.

The Academic Assistance Center

AAC offers a variety of services including tutoring information and credit-by-exam information. You can also check out University Experience, a freshman class that introduces college life and teaches college survival skills.

University Counseling Services

Making good decisions becomes particularly difficult when other troubles interfere. Let UCS help you cope with those problems and STRESS inside and outside the classroom. They also feature insightful information under Online Resources about choosing your career, strengthening your concentration, dealing with procrastination, and implementing good study strategies.