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These seven steps will help make enrollment as smoothly as possible.

1) Find your enrollment date.
View instructions on how to find your enrollment date.

2) Find out who your advisor is.
View instructions on how to find your advisor. If you do not have an advisor assigned to you, contact your department. If they are unable to help, you can contact the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office in Eisenhower Hall 113.

3) Sign up for an enrollment advising appointment.
Once you know who your advisor is (see step 2 above), make contact with them about setting an advising appointment near your enrollment date.

4) Review your degree requirements.
Keeping track of what you have already completed and what still needs to be done is the easiest way to help identify the classes you should take each semester. If you don't have anything to track that progress, you can find curriculum guides for each Arts & Science major here: Majors, Minors & Certificates.

5) Choose the classes you want to take.
Once you have updated your curriculum guide and know what requirements you still have remaining to complete, you can start to identify the classes you want to take for the next semester.

  • Lay out your classes so you don’t double book yourself. Our Advising Resources page has schedule planning resources to help.

6) Bring your schedule(s) to your advising appointment for review.

7) Enroll in your classes on your enrollment date.
Need help? Here’s how to add classes

Additional resources: