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College of Arts and Sciences

Graduation and Commencement

Fall 2020 Ceremonies 

Fall commencement for the Manhattan campus will now be held on Friday, Nov. 20, Saturday, Nov. 21, and Sunday, Nov. 22. Ceremonies for the Polytechnic campus will remain on Nov. 20 as previously announced. A schedule of ceremonies is posted on the commencement website.

The College of Arts and Sciences will hold two commencement ceremonies on Sunday, November 22: one at 1 p.m. and one at 5 p.m. 

Session 1: Participating in 1 p.m. Ceremony

American Ethnic Studies
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
College of Arts & Sciences (Social Science, Humanities, Life Science, Physical Science)
Communication Studies
Geography and Geospatial Sciences

Session 2: Participating in 5 p.m. Ceremony

Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies
Journalism & Mass Communications
Modern Languages
Music, Theater, and Dance
Political Science
Psychological Sciences
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Remember to check k-state.edu/COVID-19 for updates, the latest on cancellations and postponements, and answers to frequently asked questions. 


Audience Seating Help

Each student is allotted two tickets for guests at the commencement ceremony. These guest tickets will be sent to the address the student has on file, and they will have seat sections and numbers on them.

Commencement Do's and Dont's

DO wear a mask. You will not be allowed to walk without one.

DON’T invite more than two guests. Only guests with tickets (two per student) will be allowed to enter Bramlage, and tickets only work for the designated commencement ceremony time/location.

DO find your assigned seat on the floor of Bramlage when you arrive. There will be no student processional this year, and seats will be assigned. There will be staff on the floor to assist you in finding your seat.

DON’T bring a jacket, bag, or anything else with you to line up. Bramlage does NOT have any storage facilities for people to leave their personal items, so…

DO make arrangements with your family and friends to leave any personal items (jackets, bags, phones, umbrellas, flowers, gifts, etc.) with them so they are not lost during the ceremony.

DON'T bring other individuals into the ceremony area. For the safety of all, only graduate candidates participating in the graduation ceremony are allowed  on the Coliseum floor. Candidates may not be accompanied across the stage except in instances requiring ADA accommodation and when arranged in advance.

DO contact artsci@ksu.edu should you need special accommodations if you are i.e. visually impaired, deaf, wheel chair, crutches etc. These accommodations should be requested two weeks prior the commencement ceremony.

DO wear comfortable/functional shoes. Extreme high heels may make it difficult to walk and keep up in the commencement line.

DON’T decorate caps, masks or gowns. This distracts from the program and may interfere with ceremonial photographs. University policy prohibits the decoration of commencement regalia (caps and gowns).  Graduation regalia is not ornamented.  Wearing of corsages, boutonnieres or any other ornamentation is not appropriate to academic protocol.   The only cords permitted are those that pertain to scholastic honors earned at Kansas State University.

Finally, DO have fun. This is a great day and we look forward to celebrating with you.