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Briefly stated, the humanities are those cultural and creative disciplines by which cultures define themselves. The meaning of culture (and the place of the individual within it) is explored through cultural artifacts and traditions and expressive practices and techniques. And thus, creative and interpretative enterprises are central to humanistic study.

The humanities disciplines include American ethnic studies, art, communication studies, dance, history, languages, literature, music, philosophy, theater and gender, women, and sexuality studies.

Cutting across these varied disciplines, the interdisciplinary major intentionally trades depth of learning for broader scope of inquiry.

By offering more latitude in its curriculum design, it often allows students to pursue less traditional or unique intellectual ventures, particularly those that require the synthesis of several disciplines. It also occasionally serves as an undergraduate pathway for graduate programs. The Humanities degree may not be earned in conjunction with a degree from one of the individual Humanities disciplines.

Program Requirements
  • You must meet the Basic Requirements of the College of Arts & Sciences to obtain an interdisciplinary degree.

  • Consult with the Humanities advisor. You must eventually submit a proposal that outlines your rationale or thematic design. It will include a tentative list of courses you will take for the major. It must be approved by the Humanities Advisory Committee.

  • In order to design an appropriate curriculum, you will consult with faculty members who have some expertise in your areas of interest. This should be done as early as possible, ideally with less than sixty hours completed.

  • 36 credit hours are needed in the major. Including:
    • Fifteen credit hours in each of two humanities disciplines. They should be selected from among those courses normally counted towards a major in the field.
    • At least 15 hours in humanities disciplines at the 500-699 level, including at least two courses in each of the two concentration areas.
    • No more than nine hours may be counted toward both the Arts & Sciences Basic Requirements and the major.
    • A student with a well-defined theme that exceeds the scope of these requirements may petition the Humanities Advisory Committee for an appropriate waiver.

  • 2.0 GPA is necessary both overall and in the major curriculum120 hours are required to graduate.
Advisor: Angelia Perry

Angelia PerryAngelia earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees from Kansas State University in English and Creative writing. She and her husband have four children and eight grandsons. In 2009, Angelia was recognized as one of the best advisors on campus when she was selected to receive the Distinguished Presidential Undergraduate Advising Award.

Email: angelia@k-state.edu
Phone: 532-6904
Office: 107 Calvin Hall