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Student Research Travel Award Travel Instructions

Upon your return, you must turn in receipts from your trip, including those for your lodging, conference registration, and method of travel (for example, the passenger receipt from an airline ticket). If you originally qualified for $800 but asked for less, you may request an additional amount up to the total of $800 for undergraduate and graduate students. If your expenses were less than anticipated and you did not require the entire award amount, you must return the unused portion. The types of receipts required are:

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Registration fees
  • Car Rental

Please bring your receipts to Cardwell 116 or email your receipts to artsciugo@ksu.edu.

A per diem amount will be calculated per day according to the city that was visited. This is to cover your food and any other daily expenses. You will not need to turn in food/dining receipts.

Mileage will also be calculated at 54 cents per mile. If you are using your personal automobile, please keep track of your beginning and ending mileage when driving to your destination, or driving to and from a transportation hub such as an airport or train station.

 Please turn in receipts and your report within two weeks of your return.

Contact artsciugo@ksu.edu with any questions.