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College Spotlight - July 2016

With 24 departments in our college, there are always big things happening. Take a look at some of the highlights for July 2016:



Professor Yang-Ming Chang gave a presentation over the relationship between trade and conflict at the Stony Brook Center for Game Theory in New York. Read more.



Department Chair, Karin Westman made an appearance on Canada's 24 hour news network to talk about the newest and final installment in the Harry Potter book series. Read more. 


Journalism and Mass Communications

Associate Professor Nancy Muturi presented two papers at the Annual International Association for Media and Communication Research, in Leicester, UK. Read more.


Music, Theater, Dance

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics had a Wildcat touch this year, thanks to assistant professor of Music Bryan Pinkall. Read more.



 The Physics department recently signed an agreement with the Latin American Center of Physics (CLAF) to share information, students, and researchers to in order to facilitate scientific advancement. Read More.


Political Science

Carla Martinez Machain, assistant professor in Political Science was invited to serve on the executive committee of the International Studies association and invited to participate in two invitation-only workshops. Read more.