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Pre-Health Professions Mentoring Program Established

Connecting with professionals is one of the best things students pursing a healthcare related field can do. To help facilitate those connections, the College of Arts & Sciences has developed a pilot e-mentoring program for first-generation sophomores and juniors in pre-health fields.

The program matches students with K-State alumni and friends in the health professions to which they are aspiring. The goal is to help students increase the knowledge of what their chosen field requires in a professional setting, expand their overall awareness of professional opportunities and assist in the transition from student to professional.

“The relationship fostered with a health professions mentor provides first-hand experience, shadowing opportunities, as well as building a network of contacts in the field,” says Ariane Springer, pre-health mentoring program assistant.

In addition to being matched with a mentor, the pilot program allows up to 50 students to participate in peer-group events on campus with local health professionals, as well as activities conducted by pre-health professions clubs.

“I have shadowed my mentor for twenty hours and will shadow another twenty as I get closer to the MCAT,” said Jennifer Delzeit, senior in biology and pre-medicine. “I have learned many aspects of healthcare and believe this program has been very beneficial. I would definitely recommend it other students.”

For more information about the pre-health professionals mentoring program, including the application process, visit: http://artsci.k-state.edu/student-resources/pre-health/prehealthmentoring.html