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Dave Kendall joins A. Q. Miller School as Interim News Director

Dave Kendall, award-winning documentary filmmaker and former executive producer at KTWU/ Washburn University, has joined the faculty of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications in the College of Arts & Sciences at Kansas State University as Interim News Director.

Kendall started his academic career at Kansas State University as a liberals arts major before completing a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Geography and a Master of Arts in Media Arts from the University of Kansas. He also completed two years of graduate work at the California Institute of Asian Studies in San Francisco.

One of his longest-standing shows is Sunflower Journeys, a magazine-format public television series that focuses on history, culture, communities and the natural heritage of Kansas. He has produced 13 half-hour shows every year since 1987. Most of his work has been featured on PBS.

“We are delighted to have Dave Kendall on our faculty and teaching the Advanced Digital News class, the newscast which airs on Channel 8,” said Birgit Wassmuth, director of the A.Q. Miller School. “Our digital media students are so fortunate to have him as their instructor and mentor.”

Examples of Kendall’s work include: Return to Sovereignty (1982); The Kickapoo Heritage (series, 1984); The Goat Gland Doctor (1985); Living With Alzheimers (1985); Doing Business in Japan (1993); Dateline Herrington (1996); Green Pastures (1997); Evolution, Education & Ecology (2001); Black/White & Brown (2004); Beyond Theology: What Would Jesus Do? (2007); and I’ve Got Issues (2010-2015).

“In producing Sunflower Journeys on KTWU-TV, David Kendall has logged hundreds of miles in his travels across Kansas. As a documentarian, he has told numerous stories about people, places and things that make out state’s culture unique. As news director for KKSU-TV, he will be able to give our students a truly special perspective and understanding of community news values,” said Steve Smethers, associate director for undergraduate studies.

Kendall recently reflected on his time in public television and KTWU, Channel 11, which can be heard here: http://kansaspublicradio.org/kpr-news/host-sunflower-journeys-says-so-long-public-tv.