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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences announce 2015-16 student ambassadors

The College of Arts & Sciences has selected 27 new student ambassadors for the 2015-2016 academic year. The purpose of the College of Arts & Sciences Student Ambassador program is to promote pride in and develop awareness of our college among prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public.

The new members join 18 returning ambassadors, all of whom volunteer their time and talents at special events including: K-State Celebrates, Junior and Senior Days, the Eisenhower Circle Celebration, faculty events, Commencement, K-State Open House, among others.

New members of the College of Arts & Sciences Student Ambassadors include:

  • Mathew Ayres, junior, Biology/Microbiology/Pre-Med
  • Victoria Banks, junior, Social Sciences/Pre-Law
  • Molly Bassette , sophomore, Biology
  • Bridgette Beasley, sophomore, Biology/Pre-Med
  • Jamie Brond, sophomore, Public Relations
  • Kiera Brown, sophomore, Psychological Sciences/Criminology
  • Trent Brown, sophomore, Advertising/Pre-Law
  • Maria Chavez, sophomore, Criminology
  • Caitlyn Dougherty, freshman, Political Science/Philosophy/Pre-Law
  • Claire Duke, junior, History
  • Susan Elder, junior, English/History
  • Brooke Hall, freshman, Psychological Sciences
  • Haley Hannaman, freshman, Political Science
  • Amy Hein, junior, Spanish/Marketing
  • James Houghton, junior, Biochemistry
  • Scott LaMunyon, sophomore, Psychological Sciences/Pre-Law
  • Sierra Lekie, senior, Political Science/Economics
  • Corrine Moffett, freshman, History
  • Jack Nolte, sophomore, Microbiology
  • Bailee Norton, junior, Biology/Pre-Med
  • Diahonia Olson, junior, Art History
  • Alex Reed, freshman, Economics/Finance
  • Zaira Ruiz, junior, Humanities
  • Shawna Smith, sophomore, Economics
  • Vaithish Velazhahan, freshman, Biology/Pre-Med
  • Codie Webster, senior, Political Science
  • Emily Worley, sophomore, Biology/Pre-Med


Returning members include:

  • Ciara Chambers, senior, Political Science/Spanish/International Studies
  • Madeline Colter, junior, Biology
  • Kelsey Crow, senior. Biochemistry/Pre-Med
  • Kaylee Engle, junior, Public Relations
  • Colby Haverkamp, senior, Communication Studies
  • Lauren Hutley, junior, Micriobiology/Pre-med
  • Lauren Johannes, senior, Political Science/Anthropology
  • Marc Kent, junior, Sociology/Psychological Sciences
  • Cassandra Linville, junior, Biology
  • Amanda Nelson, senior, Biochemistry
  • Garrison Olds, senior, Biochemistry
  • Erika Peters, junior, Microbiology/Pre-Med
  • Eliza Scott, junior, Public Relations
  • Brett Sitts, sophomore, Political Science/Communication Studies
  • Harris Tsomalias, senior, Biology
  • Shai Washington, senior, Political Science
  • Jessica Wheeler, senior, Biochemistry/Pre-Law