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Pre-Health Spotlight

See how the College of Arts and Sciences prepares students for pre-health professions!

Madi Hilger




Shelbie Witt


McKinsey Holthaus


More from Matthew:

On Undergraduate Research...

"Research played a large role in my undergraduate experience. I worked with Brian Giesbrecht, Brandon Garcia, and other faculty and team members in biochemistry for three years. Over the course of those years, they taught me how to truly think like a researcher. Research is not only the beginning of the medical process, but it is also the future-- in order to push forward for better treatments, we have to conduct a lot of research. My time as an undergraduate researcher has given me a head-start into that world of medical research."

On his experience with his pre-health advisor...

"Getting into medical school took a lot more than just going to class. My pre-med advisor was my guide in the class selection and application process for medical school. She helped me first to understand what medical school was like, and then she helped me think through and find avenues of experiences to prepare me and make me a great candidate. I even got to do practice interviews for medical school, which was helpful. I’m very grateful for my advisor, who really helped me every step of the way to medical school."

On his experience in the College of Arts and Sciences...
"My time at K-State was full of professors that cared for me, which helped propel me to my desired goal of medical school. I got a dual degree in Biochemistry and Psychology. The education I received from these departments in the College of Arts and Sciences gave me a strong understanding that I have been able to utilize and build upon during my time at the KU School of Medicine. At K-State, I learned to reason on my own, which is so important because patients don’t always come in with perfect clinical presentations. The knowledge of how to apply the information I’ve learned is crucial to becoming a good doctor, and I learned how to do this at K-State."