Our pre-medical advisors will help you with important information on preparing for medical school, including prerequisite coursework, relevant test information, and assembling a competitive application.
As you research your options, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • “Pre-med” is not a major. Pre-medicine is a set of course requirements that prepares you for success on the MCAT and as a medical student.
  • Because pre-med is not a major, you will need to pick a major in something else at K-State. However, you do not have to major in the sciences in order to gain admission to medical school. In fact, statistics show that students who major in humanities/social science are admitted to medical schools at similar rates to science majors.
  • As you select your major, you should consider a subject you enjoy and are interested in. To get the kind of grades you need to be competitive, you will need to study for understanding and be able to apply what you learn to problems you have not seen in class or in a textbook. That doesn't happen unless you care about the subject.
  • Competitive applications include demonstrating a commitment to serve others. We strongly encourage students to become involved in community service and leadership and can help you find ways to get started. Be prepared to get involved outside the classroom!

Curriculum (pdf)