Open Option Tracks: Courage to Explore | Power to Choose

Students in the Open Option program can explore any major at K-State with the help of their dedicated advisor. There are many majors to choose from, which is where our new tracks can be helpful. Do you have a general idea of the area of study you'd like to pursue? Check out the track below that matches your interest area. Want to explore them all? The Discovery Track includes every major in every college! Pick the track that sounds most interesting to you and start exploring!


Open Option Tracks

Discovery Track

A great place to start if you have a wide variety of interests and strengths.
This track includes every major in every college. You and your advisor will sort through your options and build a plan for your future. You have the courage to explore and the power to choose your own path.


Do you envision owning or working in a business-related field?
If you enjoy working with people and data, you can find applicable majors across K-State's campuses.

Do you want to explore the design and creation of systems or processes?
In this track, you can choose from a range of majors, including agriculture-specific sciences, traditional sciences, engineering, math-based majors, health professions, environmental studies and beyond.

Are you interested in movement and flexibility in a variety of environments?
Whether your passion lies outdoors in the forests or fields, working with children, performing in front of an audience, piloting aircraft, or running your own business, you can find a good fit here.

Do you love learning about other cultures and want to focus on how people think and how societies function?
Careers in this field put people first - how to help people, how to better serve society, how to understand subcultures in different populations.

Are you considering a career in public safety or health professions, including animal health?
These majors include the core sciences as well as specialized fields. In this track, you will be encouraged to declare a pre-health designation for additional support.

Are you passionate about art, culture, language, and abstract ideas?
These majors encourage creativity, learning how to express yourself both verbally and non-verbally, and how to think outside the box.