Choosing Your Major

With over 250 majors to choose from at K-State, sometimes it's difficult to find which one is the right one for you. Here are some helpful tips to use in your decision making process.

  • Nothing tells you quite as much about potential majors as taking classes in those areas. Talk to your advisor about classes that apply to your interests.
  • The Undergraduate Catalog is available online. It shows major requirements and describes the classes. It allows you to compare major options. It also explains academic policies, campus regulations and the range of student services available.
  • Visit with your Open Option advisor. We can help you develop strategies for tapping into available resources and avenues of personal insight. We can also point you towards courses and workshops that focus on finding a direction and help you stay academically safe while you explore.
  • Beyond your advisor, many additional people at K-State are great contacts. Faculty and students can give you insight into their fields. The Career Center on campus is also a great resource.