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College of Arts and Sciences

Mission and Strategic Plan

College MissionCollege Mission

The College of Arts and Sciences is the academic foundation of Kansas State University. A strong system of higher education is the state's main resource for developing leaders with vision and informed participants in civic life. Full mission.


College Strategic PlanCollege Strategic Plan

In September 2011, K-State President Kirk Schulz announced an ambitious planning initiative to align College/Major Units and Departmental planning with the K-State 2025 visionary plan as well as to further define University metrics for reporting our progress.


K-State 2025K-State 2025

Kansas State University's strategic plan describes our institutional aspirations and goals for K-State in 2025. The result of an eighteen-month planning process involving hundreds of K-Staters, the plan describes a clear vision for 2025 and identifies strategic directions to help us get there.