Recent Scholars at KSU

We are proud of our scholarship recipients and love to track their success. Below is our "honor roll" of K-State students who have earned a competitive scholarship. If you're interested in finding out how the success of K-State students compares to the success of others nationally over the last several decades, please contact K-State's Division of Communications and Marketing.

Please contact Jim Hohenbary if you have questions regarding any of the scholarships mentioned below.



Bret McCandlessJune 28: Bret McCandless, senior in Music and Social Science, has been named a Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship winner for 2013, one of only 51 students nationally. The Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship will contribute $5,000 towards the first year of graduate study. Bret earned the additional distinction of being named the Marjorie Schoch Fellow which is awarded to a top-ranking nominee.


Sam KenneyStephanie KeithTucker WilsonJune 22: Three K-State students have been awarded Fulbright U.S. Student Grants for the upcoming year. The Fulbright funds a postbaccalaureate academic year abroad to study, research or work as an English Teaching Assistant for a year. Sam Kenney, May 2013 graduate in Economics and Spanish, will teach English in Brazil. Stephanie Keith, May 2013 graduate in Anthropology, will teach English in Germany, and Tucker Wilson, May 2013 graduate in English and Spanish, will teach English in Argentina. We are proud to have these great students representing their alma mater around the globe! 


Tony DemchakJune 5: Tony Demchak, doctoral student in History, has been awarded a David L. Boren Fellowship to travel to Russia for the 2013-14 year to conduct archival research regarding technology development in the Russian/Soviet navy. Boren Fellowships provide up to $24,000 for up to two years of international study and research in countries that are deemed critical to national security.


May 17:  Rob Breeden, junior in Pre-Medicine Biology, has been announced as a Fulbright Summer Institute recipient for Summer 2013.  These competitive awards administered by the US-UK Fulbright Commission provide full funding for 3-6 week academic and cultural exchange programs.  Recipients select one of nine potential destinations within the United Kingdom; Rob will attend the program at King’s College London.


Jessica BauerleAngela GleanMay 10:  More K-Staters explore the world!  Jessica Bauerle, senior in Elementary Education, and Angela Glean, junior in Kinesiology, have been awarded Gilman Scholarships for study abroad in Ghana and Ecuador respectively.  The Gilman awards up to $5,000 for study abroad and supports undergraduates on summer, semester or full-year programs.


Heidi RamzelApril 2:  An Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship has been awarded to Heidi Ramzel, senior in Geography and Physics.  Funded by NOAA, these awards support future leaders in the atmospheric/oceanic sciences.  Only about 100 are awarded annually.  Congratulations, Heidi. 


Kaitlin MorganBarrett WellemeyerApril 2:  Congratulations to Kaitlin Morgan, sophomore in Animal Science, and Barrett Wellemeyer, junior in Civil Engineering, on being recognized as Honorable Mention in the Morris and Stewart Udall Scholarship Competition.  The Udall provides scholarships and recognition to students pursuing careers related to the environment and/or to Native American/Native Alaskan students interested in tribal policy or healthcare. 


Jenny BarrigaBrianne PierceKyle SnowMarch 29:  Jenny Barriga, junior in Biochemistry and Chemistry, has been named as a Goldwater Scholar for 2013.  Brianne Pierce, junior in PreMed Microbiology, and Kyle Snow, senior in Chemical Engineering, were also recognized as Honorable Mention.  Congratulations to all three of these excellent students on their success.  The Goldwater awards up to $7500 of support for the last one or two years of undergraduate education for students interested in research careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering. 


Derrek WilsonElizabeth EvermanMarch 29: Congratulations to Derrek Wilson, graduate student in Physics on being awarded an National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship for 2013.  Elizabeth Everman, graduate student in Biology, was also recognized as Honorable Mention.  NSF Graduate Fellowships award a renewable $30,000 stipend plus tuition fees for graduate study across a wide variety of scientific and engineering-related fields. 


December 17:  Congratulations to Andrew Strasburg, Senior in Agribusiness, for receiving a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to support his Spring 2013 studies at VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  The Gilman Scholarship provides up to $5000 to support a summer, semester or year of undergraduate study abroad.

October 10:  Kelley Nelson, May 2012 graduate in Pre-Optometry Public Health Nutrition, has been awarded a $500 Love of Learning Award from Phi Kappa Phi.  Kelley is one of only 140 individuals to receive the award nationally.  The Love of Learning Award is given to active members of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi who have already earned their Bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue further education or training. 

September 20: Congratulations to Tucker Wilson, senior in English Literature, for winning one of 50 Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants nationally, in support of his Summer 2012 study abroad in Spain.  Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants are worth $1000 and can be used for study abroad in any country.

June 25: Kudos to Bryan Rogler, May 2012 graduate in Mechanical Engineering.  He has been awarded a $5000 Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship for his first year of graduate study.  Only 56 PKP Graduate Fellowships are awarded nationally in this prestigious competition.

June 1: More K-Staters traveling the globe.  Students Ariel Anib and Mark Sowers, and recent graduate McKenzie Snow, have all been awarded U.S. Student Fulbright Grants for the 2012-13 academic year.  Ariel Anib, senior in Criminology, will teach English in Mexico.  McKenzie Snow, May 2011 graduate in Political Science, will teach English in South Africa.  Mark Sowers, senior in Biology, will conduct research in Kenya.  Over 1700 Fulbright grants are awarded each year to U.S. students for a year of study, research or teaching English abroad in more than 140 different countries.

May 2:  Caleb Wilson, junior in Geography with a secondary major in Natural Resources & Environmental Science, has been awarded an Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship for 2012.  Only 115 students nationally were awarded the Hollings in 2012.  The award provides $8,000 per year, plus internship experience with NOAA, and seeks to recognize promising students with a strong interest in careers related to atmospheric and oceanic science.

April 9:  Two K-Staters have been recognized by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for 2012.  Angela Grommet, junior in Chemistry has been named a Goldwater Scholar.  Sterling Braun, junior in Microbiology, has been recognized as Honorable Mention.  Goldwater Scholars receive up to $7500 per year for their last one or two undergraduate years.  Only about 275 awards are made nationally each year.

April 3:  Congratulations to Justin Prelogar, senior in Political Science and philosophy with a secondary major in International Studies.  He has been awarded Critical Language Scholarship to study Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, China during Summer 2012.  More than 5000 students applied for the 600+ awards available nationally.  Critical Language Scholarships fully fund intensive language study in languages deemed critical to international relations.

February 1:  Bethany Spare, Senior in Pre-Law History and Political Science has been recognized by Rotary International as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar for 2012-13.  Bethany will utilize the $25,000 award to study at Oxford University in the United Kingdom next year.  Congratulations to Bethany as K-State's newest Ambassadorial Scholar.

January 9: The Gilman International Scholarship Program has awarded Gilman scholarships to two Kansas State students for study abroad. Congratulations to Justine Gruen, junior in Interdisciplinary Social Science, and Rachel Wieneke, junior in Family Studies and Human Services. They will study in Turkey and Botswana respectively during Spring 2012.


June 1: Congratulations to Colby Heckathorne, senior in Elementary Education. She has won a $1,000 Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grant to support her Summer 2011 international experiences, teaching English as a second language in both China and Guatemala. Phi Kappa Phi only awards 45 Study Abroad Grants nationally each year.

June 1: Three students have been awarded U.S. Student Fulgright grants for 2011-12. Congratulations to Chris Lemon, graduate student in German, and Kyle Van Horn, senior in German and Biology; they will both pursue Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships in Germany. And congratulations to Sofia Pablo-Hoshino, graduate student in Political Science; She will pursue a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Venezuela. The Fullbright Program for U.S. Students funds an academic year abroad for study, research and/or teaching English. Students can apply for Fulbright funding to approximately 135 different countries.

May 4: Sean Webeck, graduate student in Security Studies, has been awarded a Boren Fellowship to study internationally in 2011-12. The Boren Fellowship provides up to $30,000 for anywhere from three to 24 months of study abroad in "geographic areas, languages, and fields of study deemed critical to U.S. national security." Congratulations to Sean for earning this exciting opportunity.

April 13: NSF Graduate Fellowship winners have been announced for 2011, and a number of K-Staters have been recognized this year. Amoun current K-State students, Jeffrey Hicks, graduate student in Mechanical Engineering; Andrew Satterlee, senior in Chemical Engineering; Angela Tran, graduate student in Agronomy; and Emily Tummons, senior in Biological Systems Engineering are all Fellowship winners. Among recent alumni, Lindsey Ahalt and Emily Mangus were also named NSF Fellows, pursuing graduate work in medical anthropology and bioengineering respectively. NSF Graduate Fellowships provides three years of graduate support, awarding a $30,000 stipend plus tuition/fees annually.

April 8: Congratulations to Nathan Owens, sophomore in Geography with a secondary major in Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences for earning recognition as a Hollings Scholar for 2011. The Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship recognizes approximately one hundred students nationally in fields related to oceanic and atmospheric science and provides up to $8000 in scholarship support per year, plus a funded summer internship, for the junior and senior year.

April 1. Congratulations to one new Udall Scholar and two Udall Honorable Mentions. Rachel Hoppins, sophomore in PreVet Biology, has been awarded a $5000 Udal Scholarship 2011-12. DeeAnn Turpin and Mark Sowers, juniors in Biological Systems Engineering and Biology respectively, have also been recognized as Honorable Mention in the Udall competition and will be awarded $350 scholarships. The Udall Scholarship recognizes future leaders in environmental fields, as well as Native American/Native Alaskan students interested in tribal policy or healthcare.

April 1. Kudos to Gage Brummer, junior in PreMed Biochemistry. He has been awarded a Goldwater Scholarship for 2011-12. The Goldwater awards $7500 per year to sophomores and juniors in Mathematics, engineering and the Natural Sciences. Only 275 awards were made nationally this year.

March 31. Melanie Hall, junior in PreMed Psychology, has been named a Truman Scholar for 2011. As a Truman Scholar, she will receive up to $30,000 for graduate school and attend the Washington Summer Institute in Washington, DC after her senior year. The Truman Foundation recognizes students who show outstanding potential to be future leaders in public service careers. Only 60-65 are awarded nationally each year. Congratulations, Melanie!


December 17: Congratulations to the three new Gilman Scholarship winners from K-State: Sophia Ford, Nathan Lippert and Juan Carlos Mendoza. Ford, junior in Geology and Political Science, will study in Reykjavik, Iceland. Lippert, senior in Construction Science, will study in Prague, Czech Republic. And Mendoza, senior in Hotel/Restaurant Management, will study in Hertfordshire, England. The Gilman awards up to $5000 for undergraduate study abroad.

April 15: Summer Lewis, recent alum in Sociology and Women's Studies, has been awarded a Rotary Peace Fellowship for 2011 and 2012. Rotary Peace Fellowships fully fund graduate degrees at several universities around the world that have been designated as Rotary Centers for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution. Only about fifty fellowships are awarded internationally. Summer will attend the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

July 1: Jonathan Bostrom, junior is History and Anthropology, has been awarded a $5000 Gilman Scholarship to support undergraduate study abroad during Fall 2010. He will travel to China with the support of the Gilman program. Congratulations, Jonathan!

June 1: Four K-Staters have been awarded Fulbright U.S. Student Grants for 2010-11. Hyatt Frobose, graduate student in Animal Science; Kelsey Moran, May 2010 graduate in Political Science; Amanda Stueve, May 2010 graduate in Anthropology; and Molly Yochim, Dec. 2009 graduate in History will receive funding for an academic year abroad. They will study in Australia, Argentina, Morocco and Germany respectively. Fulbright winners can conduct research, pursue a graduate degree and/or work as an English teaching assistant in the host country.

April 23: Congratulations to Kelsey Moran, senior in Pre-Law Political Science with a secondary major in International Studies and minor in Spanish. She has been recognized as a Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship winner for 2010. PKP Fellows receive $5,000 for their first year of graduate or professional school. Kelsey was named the Kathleen Greey Fellow for 2010, which is given to a top ranking applicant whose major is outside the basic sciences. Kelsey will use the award to attend law school Each Phi Kappa Phi chapter is only allowed to nominate one student to compete nationally. Only 60 fellowships were awarded across the country this year.

April 8: Elizabeth Ploetz, senior in Chemistry, has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship for 2010. The NSF Fellowship will fund up to three years of graduate study with an annual stipend of $30,000 plus payment of tuition and fees. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

March 31: Good news! Two K-Staters have been recognized as Goldwater Scholars for 2010-11. A third has been named Honorable Mention. Emily Tummons, junior in Biological Systems Engineering, and Shane Scott, sophomore in Physics and Mathematics, are Goldwater Scholars. Andrew Satterlee, junior in Chemical Engineering, earned Honorable Mention. The Goldwater, for students in math, science and engineering fields, provides up to $7500 per year for the last one or two years of undergraduate study. Less than 300 Goldwaters were awarded in 2010.

March 31: Amy Sents, senior in Animal Science & Industry, has been named as one of sixty Truman Scholars nationally for 2010. The prestigious Truman Scholarship awards up to $30,000 for graduate study in fields leading to careers in public service. After graduation, Amy will pursue degrees in Veterinary Medicine and Public Health. Congratulations, Amy, on your success!


April 9: Kudos to Tim Weninger, graduate student and B.S. in Computer Science on being awarded a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship. The NDSEG Fellowship is awarded by the DoD for students in research areas of potential miltary importance. Fellows receive more than $30,000 per year as a stipend plus payment of tuition and fees (for three years), and only around 200 awards were made nationally in 2009.

April 8: Andrew McGowan, junior in Agronomy, has been awarded a Udall Scholarship for 2009-10. The Udall Scholarship provides $5000 to undergraduate students who seek careers related to the environment or to Native American/Native Alaskan undergrads who are interested in tribal policy or healthcare. Only 80 Udalls were awarded nationally from a field of over 500 nominees that were competitively nominated by universities around the country. Congratulations to Andrew on this outstanding opportunity!

March 31: Ryan Gallagher, senior in Microbiology, has been named a Goldwater Scholar for 2009-2010. Erik Stalcup, senior in Physics, has also been named as Honorable Mention. Congratulations to both students on this recognition. The Goldwater Scholarship recognizes undergraduates interested in careers in research in math science or engineering, funding up to $7500 per year for the last one or two years of a student’s undergraduate education.

March 27: Big congratulations to Dena Bunnel, K-State senior in Political Science and Agricultural Communications! She has been named one of sixty Truman Scholars awarded nationally for 2009. The Truman Scholarship provides up to $30,000 for graduate study and seeks to support students who aspire to careers in public service. The Truman will support Dena as she works towards a career in the field of international agricultural development for low-income countries.

March 6: The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship has announced two new winners from Kansas State. Congratulations to Laura Carlson and Manuel Garcia. Laura is a junior in Sociology and Family Studies & Human Services, and Manuel is a senior in Mechanical Engineering. Both are using the award -- up to $5000 for undergraduate study abroad -- to study in the Czech Republic during Spring 2009.


November 22: Outstanding news! Vincent Hofer, May 2008 graduate in Agribusiness, has been named one of 32 American Rhodes Scholars for 2008-09. The Rhodes Scholarship will fund two full years of graduate study at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Vincent will use the award to earn Masters degrees in both Development Studies and Latin American Studies. Congratulations to Vincent on this exceptional opportunity!

May 23: More great Fulbright news. Elizabeth Holste, graduating senior in History, has also been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Grant for 2008-09. The Fulbright grant will pay her to work as an English Teaching Assistant in Germany for the upcoming year. The Fulbright is highly sought after . . . more than 6600 applicants competed for approximately 1400 Fulbright grants in this most recent round of competition.

May 19: David Kozar, recent alumni in Spanish, has just been awarded a Rotary World Peace Fellowship for 2009-2010. Rotary World Peace Fellowships provide full funding for recipients to earn a two-year masters degree at one of six rotary Centers for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution. David will attend the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Only about sixty fellowships are awarded annually worldwide for students interested in earning a degree in international relations/peace and conflict studies.

May 15: Congratulations are due to Elizabeth Voigt, graduating senior in Mechanical Engineering. She has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Grant for 2008-09. The Fulbright fully funds an academic year of study or research in any of more than 140 different countries. Elizabeth will use her Fulbright to pursue graduate work at the Technical University of Durmstadt in Germany during the upcoming year.

April 18: Megan Dirks, junior in Marketing and French with a Leadership minor and Certificate in International Business, and Jayne Long, junior in Life Sciences with minors in Biology and Leadership Studies, have been awarded Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants for the coming year. Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants provide $1000 to students seeking experience abroad. Only 50 are awarded nationally. Megan and Jayne will use the money to travel to France and Botswana respectively.

April 14: Emily Voigt, senior in Chemical Engineering, has been recognized again for her achievements. She has been named as a Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship winner for 2008. Only 60 of these $5000 fellowships are awarded nationally to outstanding seniors headed to graduate or professional school, and each chapter of Phi Kappa Phi is only allowed to nominate one student to compete in the national competition.

April 8: Nicholas Long, senior in Architectural Engineering and Iris Wilson, junior in Geography, have been named Udall Scholars for 2008. The Udall Scholarship makes eighty $5000 undergraduate awards annually to students who hope to work for the good of the environment or to Native American students who hope to make a difference in healthcare or tribal policy. Kudos to Nick and Iris for being recognized in a pool of over 500 highly qualified applicants for this prestigious award.

April 1: No joke . . . two K-Staters have been awarded NSF Graduate Fellowships for 2008-09 and three more have been recognized as Honorable Mention. The National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship is a renewable graduate award for $30,000 plus tuition and fees for students in engineering, mathematics, the natural and social sciences. Graduate Fellows are Emily Voigt, senior in Chemical Engineering, and David Thompson, recent alumni in Electrical Engineering. Honorable Mentions are Amir Bahadori, Mathematics/Mechanical Engineering; Lydia Roberts, Biochemistry/Chemistry; and Amy Twite, Chemistry/Microbiology/Biochemistry

March 31: Congratulations to the Goldwater nominees from Kansas State University for being honored with three Goldwater Scholarships and an Honorable Mention for 2008. Michelle Higgins, Biochemistry and Nutrition Science, Scott McCall, Biochemistry and Biology, and Will Carlson, Mathematics, were named as Goldwater Scholars. Samuel Fahrenholtz, Physics, was recognized as Honorable Mention. The Goldwater Scholarship awards $7500 for the last one or two years of undergraduate study for students who plan careers in research and is one of the most prestigious undergraduate awards in the math, science and engineering fields.

February 28: Ryan Klataske, 2006 K-State graduate in Anthropology and Spanish, has been named a 2008-09 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. The Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship is a $23,000 award for study abroad in any country where Rotary is present. Intended to foster international exchange, it will allow Ryan to spend the upcoming year studying in Namibia.
Congratulations, Ryan!

February 15: Congratulations to Kathryn Glanville, Mark McCreary and Ruth Ruggles; they have each been awarded a 2008 Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship for study abroad. The Gilman Scholarship is worth up to $5,000 and will support study abroad in most countries. Only about 400 students were recognized nationally. Glanville, junior in agronomy, will study in China. McCreary, senior in mechanical engineering, will study in the Czech Republic. And Ruggles, sophomore in human resource management, will study in Costa Rica.


June 20: Jessica Ice, junior in Anthropology has been awarded a Gilman Scholarship to help her fund study abroad in Mexico, Peru and Argentina during Fall 2007. The Gilman funds undergraduate study abroad and awards up to $5000 to students who wish to broaden their understanding of the world through study in an international setting. Jessica is one of only about 420 students nationally to collect a Gilman in this application cycle.

June 15: Matt King, senior in Political Science with a secondary major in Natural Resource and Environmental Science, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for 2007 to attend Oxford University in the United Kingdom and pursue a MS in Environmental Change and Management in the coming year. The Fulbright is one of the best known scholarship programs and fully funds an academic year abroad to almost any country. The UK is the most competitive destination in the Fulbright competition. Great accomplishment, Matt!

May 14: Kudos to Phuong Vu, junior in Political Science. He has been awarded a David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship to support study abroad in China in the coming year. One hundred forty-one students across the nation were awarded the Boren this year as individuals who plan careers in public service and intend to study abroad in countries/regions vital to national security. The Boren provides full funding for that international experience.

May 7: Janeal Schmidt, senior in Secondary Education, has been named a James Madison Fellow for 2007. Only about fifty are recognized nationally each year, ideally one per state. The James Madison Memorial Fellowship awards $24,000 to future teachers of social studies, history and/or civics who will pursue a graduate degree in history, political science or a related field to enhance their ability to teach about the U.S. Constitution and its context. Congratulations, Janeal.

April 26: Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants have been awarded for 2007. Only fifty of these $1000 awards are given out annually, and three K-Staters have won. They are Megan Dirks, sophomore in Business Administration and French; Cierra Elder, junior in Biology; and Rebecca Tokach, junior in Agricultural Economics and Animal Science. Congratulations to all three as they head abroad in the coming year.

April 5: Good news for Brad Lutz, senior in Electrical Engineering, and Ella Todd, junior in Marketing. They have been honored with the coveted Udall Scholarship for 2007. The Morris K. Udall Foundation awards approximately 80 $5000 scholarships to undergraduates interested in careers related to improving or protecting the environment. Sally Maddock, senior in Architecture, was also awarded $350 as Honorable Mention. Congratulations to all three.

April 4: Jonathan King, senior in Chemical Engineering, has been awarded a $5000 Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship for 2007. Phi Kappa Phi names sixty top seniors for the PKP Fellowship each year from a highly selective pool of applicants; each university can only nominate one student to the national competition. Congrats, Jonathan.

March 29: Hats off to Matt Basel, senior in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology; and to Meg Fasulo, senior in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Both are National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship winners for 2007. NSF Graduate Fellowships award money for tuition plus a $30,000 stipend and are renewable for three years of graduate funding. Additional congratulations are in order for Meredith Schlabach, senior in Mechanical Engineering; Jeffrey Amos, senior in Mathematics; Alyson Deines, senior in Mathematics; and Brooklyn Walker, alumni from Political Science for earning Honorable Mention in this highly competitive contest.

March 28: Jenna Kennedy, senior in PreMed Microbiology with a secondary major in Natural Resources and Environmental Science, has just been named a Truman Scholar for 2007. The Truman offers $30,000 for graduate school for students seeking careers in public service. Only 65 Truman Scholars were named in 2007. She hopes to work in the public health arena in Africa. Kudos to Jenna on an impressive accomplishment.

March 23: Congratulations to Jenny Buseman, Mike Reppert and Emily Viogt, Goldwater Scholars for 2007. Jenny majors in PreMed Microbiology. Mike majors in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Mathematics. And Emily majors in Chemical Engineering. The Goldwater recognizes undergraduates who show great promise as future researchers in math, science and engineering. This $7500 per year award is the top undergraduate award for students in those fields. Only about 320 were awarded in 2007.


December 5: Clemente Jaquez-Herrera, senior in Architecture, has been awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to study abroad in Spring 2007. This award, which offers up to $5000 for study in any country, will support Clemente as he travels to Italy for the upcoming semester.

November 29: Lisa Kitten, senior in Mechanical Engineering, has been named a Marshall Scholar for 2007. The Marshall Scholarship fully funds two or three years of graduate study in the United Kingdom. Lisa plans to study Medical Engineering at Oxford University. Less than 45 Marshalls are awarded each year, making it an extremely prestigious recognition. Congratulations to Lisa on achieving this outstanding opportunity.

August 2: Aimee Norris, junior in Creative Writing and Art with a minor in
Japanese, has been awarded a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
for Fall 2006. Congratulations to Aimee, who will use the $5000 award to study in Japan during the upcoming year.

May 24: Zach Maier, sophomore in Computer Engineering and Psychology, has been awarded a Department of Homeland Security Scholarship
for 2006. For students whose research interests align with technologies that might help the Department of Homeland Security meet its various missions, only about fifty DHS scholarships are awarded annually. Each award funds $9000/year plus tuition for the junior and senior year, plus another $5000 in support of a summer internship.May 16: Congratulations to four outstanding students who have been awarded.

Fulbright Grants for 2006. The Fulbright funds a full year of study, research or teaching English in any of more than 140 different countries. Lynn Brickley, graduate student in College Student Development, will use the Fulbright to travel to Hungary. Elizabeth Greig, senior in PreMed Nutrition Science, study in Mexico. Amity Thompson, senior in history, will study in Japan. David Thompson, senior in Electrical Engineering, will also study in Japan. This is only the third time ever that four or more K-Staters have won Fulbrights in one year; they will represent K-State well across the globe.

April 11: Laura Wood, senior in Political Science and Philosophy, has been
awarded a $5000 Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship for 2006. Each Phi Kappa Phi chapter can only nominate one student to compete for the PKP Fellowship and only sixty students are named as fellows each year. Congratulations to Laura on this outstanding recognition.

March 22: Three students have been recognized as Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grant winners for 2006-07. 38 of the $1000 awards are made to college juniors each year to help facilitate study abroad in any country. K-State winners are Heather Gartrell, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Mary Geiger, Agricultural Communications and Journalism, and Tricia Dicke, Animal Sciences and Industry. Heather will study in Granada, Spain. Both Mary and Tricia will do a study tour of multiple South American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

April 5: Five K-Staters are successful in the Udall competition! 
The Morris K. Udall Foundation has announced three winners and two honorable mentions among its 80 winners and 50 honorable mentions for 2006. Matt King, senior in Political Science and Natural Resources & Environmental Science, Adrienne Stolwyk, senior in Architecture, and Matt Woerman, senior in Mechanical Engineering and Natural Resources & Environmental Science will receive $5000 as Udall Scholars. Sally Maddock and Mark Ruzicka, both from Landscape Architecture, will receive $350 awards as Honorable Mention. The Udall seeks individuals committed to pursuing better environmental stewardship through their field of interest.

March 30: Congratulations to Stacy Johnson, senior in Biology, and David
Eichman, fifth-year in Architecture, as Gilman Scholarship winners for
Spring 2006. The Gilman Scholarship awards about 350 awards annually, up to $5000 each, to students for study abroad. With the assistance of the Gilman award, Stacy is spending the semester in the Netherlands, and David is spending the semester in Japan.

March 28: Kourtney Bettinger has received one of 75 Truman Scholarships awarded nationally in 2006. Kourtney is a Spanish PreMed senior with secondary majors in International Studies and Latin American Studies. The Truman Scholarship provides $30,000 for graduate schools and several unique experiences in public service. We congratulate Kourtney as she becomes the 29th Truman Scholar to hail from Kansas State.

March 22: Exciting news! All four Goldwater nominees from Kansas State have been named as Goldwater Scholars for 2006. The Goldwater provides up to $7500/year for juniors and seniors interested in research careers in math, science or engineering. Hats off to Alyson Deines, senior in Mathematics, Jonathan King, junior in Chemical Engineering, Eli Parke, junior in Physics, and Amy Twite, sophomore in Chemistry and Microbiology!

February 15: Karla Kepley, senior in Dietetics and Gerontology, has been named to the USA Today All-USA College Academic Team -- Third Team. With only twenty students per team nationwide, this puts Karla in an elite group of sixty students recognized with the USA Today mark of distinction nationwide. Matt Basel, junior in Chemistry, has also been recognized as Honorable Mention in the competition. Congratulations are due to both.