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College of Arts and Sciences


The pre-enrollment period for each semester begins when the new course schedule is posted.

Pre-Enrollment Advising

Here are a few key points that apply to advising during the pre-enrollment cycle.

  • Making an appointment. We start making appointments on Friday for the following week. You can call for an appointment anytime, but Friday morning (early) is when you have the best chance of finding an open slot that works for you.

  • Preparing for your appointment. We allot thirty minutes for each appointment. You will find your advisor's specific instructions for pre-enrollment in your K-State Online Advising course.

  • Missing your appointment. It is crucial that you keep your appointment. Given the large number of students we advise during this time, we may not be able to meet with you until the end of the pre-enrollment period if you miss the appointment without calling to cancel.

  • Declaring a major. If you know what major you want, it may be in your best interests to declare that major before you enroll and work with your new major advisor. You want to develop a relationship with that person as soon as possible. Go to Choosing Your Major for information about how to switch majors.

  • Electronic advising flags. K-State requires that you see your advisor. You are blocked from enrolling until an electronic flag has been removed by that advisor. That means it is important that you meet with us well ahead of time. 
    • We will not remove flags in response to e-mail or phone calls.
    • If you would prefer not to meet with an advisor, you may come to EH 112 or 121 and sign a waiver stating that you take responsibility for your course selections. You will then be able to enroll without seeing us. If you sign a waiver and later decide you have questions after all, we'll be happy to talk with you. Even if you sign a waiver, you may still meet with us at a later date.


Once your flag is removed, you enroll by seniority (as determined by your cumulative credit hours). View the schedule to see when you enroll. If you are enrolling in KSIS and will enroll in courses which require "Instructor Permission," remember that the instructor needs to give you electronic permission in KSIS. Once the instructor gives you electronic permission, you still need to add the class.

If you have more questions about the process, just make an appointment. We will be happy to walk you through it.