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College of Arts and Sciences

Changing Your Major

How to Declare Open Option

If you are currently in another program and wish to transfer into Open Option:

  • Fill out a Change of Major in the college where you are currently enrolled. If you're currently enrolled in Horticultural Therapy, for example, file your change with the College of Agriculture. Next go to the Registrar for TWO transcripts. We require them to start your file. There's no charge for changing majors. Now come to Arts and Sciences (Eisenhower 113) to complete your paperwork. If your current major (Mathematics for example) is already within Arts and Sciences, all the paperwork will be handled at Eisenhower 113.

  • Make an appointment with us. Introduce yourself. Tell us about your current plans. We can talk about some new ones if necessary. We can be helpful, but only if you come see us.

  • One additional note, keep in mind that several other colleges at K-State also have general programs. For example, if you're leaving Horticultural Therapy but know your other choices are still related to Agriculture, you might change into the General Agriculture program rather than Open Option.

How to Leave Open Option

You cannot graduate from the Open Option program. However, you will find the right major eventually. And that will be cause for celebration. Here are the nuts and bolts for getting it done.

  • You must meet certain requirements to declare most majors. Those requirements vary considerably. Please consult with your advisor, the program in question and/or the catalog regarding specific details.

  • Talk it over with your Open Option advisor. You don't have to, but if you have questions or lingering doubts, you might as well. We can offer alternative ways to approach the major or help you size up its requirements or whatever concerns you. And we're always glad to hear about your decision!

  • Go to Eisenhower 113 and fill out the Change of Major. If you're staying in Arts and Sciences, that's all you do. If you're leaving Arts and Sciences, then go to the Registrar next for TWO transcripts. Then present the paperwork to your destination college. For example if you select Horticultural Therapy, present it to the College of Agriculture. They'll assign you your new advisor.

  • Make an appointment with that new advisor. Introduce yourself. Tell him or her about your plans. See what suggestions and insights he/she has. Faculty advisors can be helpful, but only if you go see them.