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JMC Spotlight - May 2016


Angela Powers with Graduate Teaching Assistants Jingyan Zhao, Zin Mar Myint, and David "Bondy" Kaye

Angela Powers is on the planning board for the World Media Economics and Management Conference in New York City, May 2-6, 2016 and presented the following:

  • The Future of Revenues for Digital News, with Denise Warren, former Executive Vice President of Digital Products, New York Times
  • Net Neutrality and Newspaper Framing of Public Policy with Zin Myint and Vern Wirka
  • An Organizational Analysis of a Rural Kansas Media Tradition with Jingyan Zhao and D. Bondy Kaye



SmethersSteve Smethers, Associate Professor and Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies, published “Who Needs a Terrestrial Signal? Internet Audio Streams Make Waves in Two Kansas Radio Markets” in Journal of Radio and Audio Media.









Instructor Stephen Wolgast was named a Humanities Scholar by the Kansas Humanities Council for speaking around the state on free speech issues in Kansas for the centenary of the Pulitzer Prizes.

The Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded annually for one hundred years for outstanding achievements in journalism, literature and music. The prizes, which are currently given in 21 categories, were endowed by newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer and are administered by Columbia University.


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