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Political Science Spotlight - July

Martinez Machain invited to Prominent Workshops and Professional Leadership Positions

polsciCarla Martinez Machain, assistant professor in Political Science, has had an outstanding summer. She was asked to serve a two year term on the executive committee of a major section of the International Studies Association, a 6,500 member scholarly organization that is the most respected and widely known academic association focusing on the study of international relations. Within the executive committee of the Scientific Studies of International Processes section, she will serve as the conference program chair over the coming year. Dr. Martinez Machain was also asked to participate in two invitation only workshops in 2016-2017. The first will be held at the University of Southern California in November and will focus on the "Political Economy of Power Projection." Sixteen academics from across the country were invited to the workshop, including eminent scholars from the University of California-San Diego, Indiana University, the University of Maryland and the University of Texas. The workshop will examine the relationship between growing economic might and the projection of military capabilities across regional and global settings. She was also invited to a workshop to be held next June at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill on "Lethal Aid and Human Security: Exploring the Impact of Transitional Flows of Military Assistance to Fragile States." Funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the International Studies Association, the workshop will bring together two dozen academics from across the world and ten practitioners from the US State Department, US Army, International Crisis Group, and other agencies to analyze the human security implications of cross-border flows of military aid, military equipment, combat advisors, and other forms of lethal assistance to conflict afflicted states. On top of all of this, Dr. Martinez Machain received a Big 12 Faculty Fellowship for the coming academic year. She will travel to Iowa State to work with two colleagues on a collaborative research project which will target leading disciplinary journal outlets. Dr. Martinez Machain has held notable leadership positions in the profession previously, including serving on the editorial board of the International Studies Association journal Foreign Policy Analysis and on the executive committee for the International Studies Association-Midwest organization. Dr. Martinez Machain is certainly having an impact on her field, and has expanded K-State's visibility in the profession! She is also becoming a respected voice contributing to academic and policy conversations on important international security issues.