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Physics Spotlight - July 2016

Latin American Center of Physics (CLAF) promotes scientific exchange with Kansas State University


In order to encourage elevated levels of research in the field of physics and related areas of scientific work, Latin American Center of Physics (CLAF) recently signed a collaborative agreement with Kansas State University. The two institutions agreed to exchange students and scientists who are working in areas of mutual interest.

In particular, CLAF considers the university laboratory "James R. Macdonald Laboratory" [at K-State] important. It has one of the most expansive [research] groups worldwide on Physical Ultra-Fast Lasers Physics Research. The laboratory has a tunable source of high intensity ultra-fast light which allows for scale experiments using attoseconds [as a unit of measure].

The idea of this agreement is to encourage a flow of researchers and graduate students to promote scientific work that cannot be achieved in individual laboratories using these technologies. Those interested should coordinate with their respective institutions and send specific projects to CLAF (claf (at) cbpf.br) to assess their feasibility.

Courtesy of UNESCO Office in MONTEVIDEO (translated)