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Communication Studies Spotlight - June 2016

Communication studies faculty member Soumia Bardhan participated in the 2016 National Communication Association Summer Conference, June 16-19, at the Communication University of China in Beijing. The theme of this year's conference was "Communication, Media, and Governance in the Age of Globalization." Bardhan chaired a panel on cybersecurity and social governance, as well as presented at the workshop "Emerging Communication Pedagogies in the Age of Globalization," where speakers shared perspectives for creating global experiences in communication courses or programs.

Twelve communication studies faculty and students attended the International Communication Association conference in Fukuoka, Japan. The group participated in a preconference seminar focused on building an international network of research and teaching centered on public deliberation and dialogue. Professors Soo-Hye Han and Tim Steffensmeier co-led the preconference with faculty from the University of Colorado and the University of Malaya. The preconference included faculty and students based in Japan, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Malaysia and the U.S. Soumia Bardhan also presented a research paper titled "Agency as a Responsive Creation: Arab Women, Revolutions, and Gaze." In addition to the conference, Dr. Han taught Intercultural Communication as a faculty-led study abroad course. Six communication studies undergraduate and graduate students participated in the two-week trip.

Communication Studies faculty and students


Back Row: Tim Steffensmeier, Dan Cutter, Roger Allen, Colene Lind, Mason Moriarty, Bill Schenck-Hamlin

Front Row: Madeline Frankel, Soo-Hye Han, Chloe Nelson, Ronnie Walden, Soumia Bardhan, Donna Schenck-Hamlin

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