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Guidelines for Submitting Intersession Course Proposals

The proposals will be examined by the College's Course and Curriculum Committee before being forwarded to the Division of Continuing Education.

DCE's form does not include crucial information for an Intersession course proposal in our college. The information below is intended to help faculty members and department heads prepare and submit supplementary information, as appropriate.

Please refer to the April 5, 2004, memo that states all course proposals must go through the college for approval first. 

College Guidelines for Intersession Course Proposals

  • If a course is listed in the Catalog, it may be taught as an Intersession course only if the catalog description states that it is an Intersession-only course. Although action is not needed on such a course, we would very much appreciate being notified that you intend to teach a Catalog-listed Intersession course.
  • Topics courses listed in the Catalog may be used as Intersession courses with the approval of the Course and Curriculum Committee and with the restriction that a particular course or topic may be offered only twice in Intersession without being placed in the Catalog as an approved, self-standing, Intersession-only course.
  • In submitting a proposal, please make sure that the number of contact hours (fifty minutes for every hour in class) warrants the number of credit hours assigned to the course, taking into account days that the course will not meet (such as holidays), breaks when the course meets more than one hour per session, and final examinations. Please provide a tally of the number of total contact hours. The requirement is a minimum of 12-1/2 contact hours (not including breaks and final exams) per credit hour.
  • Append a syllabus, reading list, or activity list for the course.
  • Append an explanation of the expectations of the students in the course.
  • Provide a brief list of examinations, quizzes, projects, papers or other assignments that will be required for course credit. For nonstandard activities (such as travel or watching films) provide an explanation of the academic content of the activities.
  • If credit can be earned at different levels or for different numbers of credit hours, give an indication of how the expectations of the students will differ at the different levels or for different numbers of credit hours.
  • If the instructor does not possess a terminal degree, attach a letter of explanation and support from the department head. The most common instance of this is when the instructor is a graduate teaching assistant
  • By College policy, a course can only be offered twice for Intersession without being proposed for inclusion in the Catalog. Once in the Catalog (as Intersession-only), a course does not have to be submitted to the College's Course and Curriculum Committee in order to be offered.
  • For a course that is not listed in the catalog, choose an appropriate course number for your particular Intersession course.

Please contact Louise Benjamin at (785) 532-6900 or louben@ksu.edu if you have any questions.